Fasten Your Seatbelts…

We have just entered a region of severe turbulence. Boris Johnson has become Prime Minister of Britain.

Verily, I say unto you: Be afraid – be very afraid.

This is not going to end well for any of us, citizens of the UK or the EU alike.

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Truth Torments Trump

It’s been instructive to observe how accurate the diplomatic briefings of Kim Darroch have been. And also how cowardly the likely next Prime Minister of Britain (I can no longer find it in myself to write “Great Britain”) is being.

As the Guardian states: Kim Darroch has effectively been sacked by Boris Johnson on the orders of Donald Trump.

It’s worth repeating the final paragraph:

Johnson will go through the doors of Downing Street at some point this month smiling and wanting to be loved, but many will instead see him, as one interviewer, Eddie Mair, described him, as “a nasty piece of work”. In the words of the chairman of the foreign affairs select committee, Tom Tugendhat, a former army officer: “Leaders stand up for their men. They encourage them to try and defend them when they fail.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, another “nasty piece of work” continues to pump out his poison to the world.

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An Offensive Clown in a Polka-dot Dress

I’ve never had time for Ann Widdicombe. Her callousness and stupidity have been self-evident for years. Now she has re-invented herself as an MEP. And she’s still spouting stupidity. She and Farage make a pretty pair. They are in Brussels simply to wreck the EU in any way they can, and pocket the pay and pension from the EU whilst doing it. I despair.

Addendum: Marina Hyde sums up the Widdicombe spectacle better than I could. Read and despair.

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“In Fabric” – It’s On My List To See…

Director Peter Strickland has a new film: “In Fabric“. The trailer looks intriguing:

I listened to Mark Kermode’s review, and the film is now definitely on my list to see. His summation ticked all the right boxes as far as I’m concerned:

“It’s Nigel Kneale, Suspiria, Are You Being Served and Doctor Who with added kink”

And for an added bonus:

“You could read the whole thing as a sort of ironic visual and aural essay on Freud’s theories of the origins and meanings of fetishism”.


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Pow! Whap! Zing! Ker-splat!

As we get ever closer to the point where the UK’s Tory Party crowns the appalling Boris Johnson as their next leader and the country’s next Prime Minister, voices are beginning to be raised urging them to reconsider. Max Hastings has a particularly hard-hitting demolition of Boris in today’s Guardian. Sample zingers:

Like many showy personalities, he is of weak character. I recently suggested to a radio audience that he supposes himself to be Winston Churchill, while in reality being closer to Alan Partridge.

Johnson would not recognise truth, whether about his private or political life, if confronted by it in an identity parade.

If the Johnson family had stuck to showbusiness like the Osmonds, Marx Brothers or von Trapp family, the world would be a better place. Yet the Tories, in their terror, have elevated a cavorting charlatan to the steps of Downing Street, and they should expect to pay a full forfeit when voters get the message.

The sad thing is that Max has been telling us all the truth about Boris since at least 2012. Why is it that no-one is prepared to listen?

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

So Facebook wants us all to use their new cryptocurrency Libra? I loathe and detest Facebook enough already without this being thrust upon us. As Kenan Malik writes: Libra cryptocurrency won’t set us free, it will further enslave us to Facebook. Count me out.

The truly terrifying thing is that apparently:

More than two dozen entities have signed on to be founding members of the Libra organization, including Visa and MasterCard, Uber and Lyft, eBay, and Spotify.

So Visa and Mastercard have already cast their lot with Facebook? We’re doomed.

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The Bigger Picture

Jonathan Cook discusses the the assault by Mark Field on a climate change activist this week, and points out the bigger picture. He states that we are in danger of getting sidetracked. Worth reading.

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