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Shades of Dr. Johnson

There’s been quite a lot of mention of the Jetpack story in today’s news and blogs. I must admit, having seen the video of it, I am distinctly underwhelmed, and feel myself turning into Dr. Johnson. Mind you, I think … Continue reading

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Bottomless Pit

I’m sure that it’s bagels all the way down…

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Hitman Misses

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Perhaps I’ll just shake my head at the stupidity of humans.

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Sonic Hedgehog?

I love the irony of biologists. So much more satisfying than the crap that passes as Intelligent Design.

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Do No Evil?

Hmm, I wonder. I had expected more from Google, but perhaps I should not be surprised.

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Take Aim, Fire…

Yes, I know it’s a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, but I couldn’t help but cheer the Cranky Product Manager on as she pours withering scorn over this poor sap. 

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Two Talks From Ted

There’s an interesting juxtaposition in two talks that have just gone up on the TED web site. The first is Louise Leakey talking about her work as an archeologist, and pointing out how we as a species are connected with … Continue reading

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The Right to be Listened To

Gia Milinovich has a thought-provoking post about the fact that "everyone thinks that they have a right to be listened to". In her view, not everyone has that right. I think she’s correct, and her arguments are persuasive. Well, they’ve persuaded … Continue reading

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21st Century Pétomane

A rather nicely written piece in today’s Guardian about Mr. Methane, who is clearly the 21st century’s answer to Le Pétomane. I’m almost tempted to want to experience one of his performances. He sounds very droll (and that, for all … Continue reading

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Multi-lingual Puns

Most excellent news about Karadzic. Today’s Volkskrant has a rather brilliant wordplay comment on the event in its daily "Gorilla" cartoon: Een baard!Een baard!Mijn koninkrijkvoor een baard! Which literally translates as: "A beard! A beard! My kingdom for a beard!" In Dutch, … Continue reading

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Losing Hope

"I fear the winter and hope for nothing". That was the core of a most eloquent letter from a UK citizen in yesterday’s Guardian. He was bearing witness to the poverty trap that is growing in UK society and likely … Continue reading

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Miracles of Life

In June, I mentioned that I had just finished John Rechy’s autobiography About My Life and the Kept Woman. Now, I’ve finished J. G. Ballard’s autobiography Miracles of Life. They are polar opposites in the style of writing, but I … Continue reading

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HDR Photos

I’ve noticed up on Flickr that a number of people are producing what are known as HDR photos. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. I thought I’d give this a whirl, since my camera is capable of AEB (Automatic Exposure Bracketing), … Continue reading

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A Hit, A Palpable Hit

So there I was, meandering around the blogs today as is my wont, and I come across Charles Darwin raising a well-deserved eyebrow at the news that the UK government has embarked on a solicitation exercise to empower society to have … Continue reading

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Get It While It’s Hot

I mentioned that Joss Whedon has returned with a sing-along blog: Dr. Horrible. What I didn’t realise is that it will only remain up on the web for a few days, so if you haven’t seen this musical in three … Continue reading

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Sticking in the Mind

Thomas M. Disch committed suicide on the Fourth of July. I meant to comment on it at the time, but the moment slipped by. I was sure that I have certainly read some of his work, but checking in my library turned … Continue reading

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A State Funeral

I see that the joker Harry Phibbs is back to lend his support to the disgusting idea that Margaret Thatcher should be given a State Funeral. You can tell that I don’t agree with that.   I think I’m more … Continue reading

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The Periodic Table

The Periodic Table of Videos is an entertaining collection of short videos, each devoted to describing one of the elements of the periodic table. Try the one on Sodium (Na) to see what I mean. Charmingly amateurish, good boyish fun … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Automate…

I’ve seen some wacky advertising in my time – but this takes the biscuit… Please tell me it’s a joke?       (hat tip to The Intersection)

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Mamma Mia!

Mark Kermode reviews films on a BBC radio show every Friday. I always make a point of listening to them, since the good Doctor is very good value. Here he is reviewing Mamma Mia!… skip to about four minutes in … Continue reading

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