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Shades of Dr. Johnson

There’s been quite a lot of mention of the Jetpack story in today’s news and blogs. I must admit, having seen the video of it, I am distinctly underwhelmed, and feel myself turning into Dr. Johnson. Mind you, I think … Continue reading

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Bottomless Pit

I’m sure that it’s bagels all the way down…

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Hitman Misses

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Perhaps I’ll just shake my head at the stupidity of humans.

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Sonic Hedgehog?

I love the irony of biologists. So much more satisfying than the crap that passes as Intelligent Design.

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Do No Evil?

Hmm, I wonder. I had expected more from Google, but perhaps I should not be surprised.

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Take Aim, Fire…

Yes, I know it’s a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, but I couldn’t help but cheer the Cranky Product Manager on as she pours withering scorn over this poor sap. 

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Two Talks From Ted

There’s an interesting juxtaposition in two talks that have just gone up on the TED web site. The first is Louise Leakey talking about her work as an archeologist, and pointing out how we as a species are connected with … Continue reading

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