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Bunny Suicides

I’m just tying a couple of threads together here. Scaryduck has another of his laugh-out-loud posts today. This time on Bunny Suicides. And that made me remember Andy Riley’s The Book of Bunny Suicides. As Kenny Everett used to say: … Continue reading

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Physicists Examine The Eurovision Song Contest

I missed this when it was news earlier this month, but a group of physicists at Oxford University have published a paper on Connections, cliques and compatability between countries in the Eurovision Song Contest. The paper is quite interesting, but … Continue reading

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The EU Constitution – Part Two

So the French have given a resounding thumbs-down to the Constitution. I suppose it was only to be expected. I have a feeling that it got caught in the crossfire of at least two opposing groups: those patriotic French who … Continue reading

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Berlin Cabaret Songs

I’ve been thinking about possible choices for music for boats in the Amsterdam Canal Parade in August. The line of thought took me back to the Berlin of the 1920s, and the music performed in the cabarets of the time. … Continue reading

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Blogging a Viral Pandemic

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to get across ideas. On that theme, and bringing it right up to date, this week’s issue of Nature has a go at predicting what a viral pandemic might be like by … Continue reading

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Human Changing

I’ve just come across another Blog called WorldChanging – which looks at the ongoing interactions between human culture, science, nature and politics – a heady and dangerous mix, if ever I saw one! I started with Human Changing – the … Continue reading

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Whipping therapy cures depression and suicide crises

I would like to think that this was a joke – but it’s been reported in Pravda – so it must be true. Remind me not to get too close to Dr. Speransky and his colleagues. I’m not convinced that … Continue reading

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