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The Guinea Worm

You can add the guinea worm to the list of species that, as far as I am concerned, tip the scales of evidence in favour of the proposition that God is either a) a sadist, b) indifferent or c) non-existent.

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If I Give Her The Wool…

…would she make me one too? That’s the punchline to a hoary old joke that begins: "my mother made me a homosexual…".   I couldn’t help but remember it when I read Johann Hari’s piece: "What makes some of us … Continue reading

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A Letter to Nature

The esteemed science journal Nature recently had an editorial on the work of the John Templeton Foundation. The editorial has brought a response, in the form of a letter to the journal, from Matthew Cobb and Jerry Coyne. I found myself nodding in agreement … Continue reading

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The Unblinking Eye

I really enjoy Future Perfect – the blog of Jan Chipchase, a researcher at Nokia. He travels the world noticing, and photographing, examples of how cultures use technology, often in intriguing ways; or how norms in one society signal something … Continue reading

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The Role of Evidence

I’ve just watched the first Headcast of John Cleese, which I mentioned in the previous blog entry. He makes some good points – and he also begs the question a number of times.   For example, he, rightly, notes our … Continue reading

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The Wit and Wisdom of John Cleese

Thanks to a reference over at Atheist Media, I’ve now discovered that John Cleese has a Podcast site. There’s a collection of short skits or presentations that he’s done. I’m still going through them, but I was rather taken with … Continue reading

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I mentioned a couple of days ago that Microsoft has released Photosynth. The site seems to be a bit overwhelmed by the demand, as my first experiments in creating Synths failed on the uploading stage. However, they seem to be … Continue reading

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