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The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down

Just to follow up on my post about Microsoft Surface for a moment, I do think we live in interesting times. Peter Bright, over at Ars Technica, has a good article on the impact on OEMs of Microsoft entering the … Continue reading

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Some People Just Don’t Grok It

Yesterday, Microsoft revealed that it would be entering the Tablet market with two models of its own. I’ll come back to them later, but first, I must say that I’m struck by the continuing negative press that Windows 8 continues … Continue reading

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Gone, But Not Forgotten

I didn’t write about the fact that Ray Bradbury died on the 5th June 2012, simply because I didn’t feel able to say anything of note. Like millions of people, I grew up recognising my feelings and emotions in some … Continue reading

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Windows 8 “Play to” Revisited

Important Update 27 October 2012: The bug I describe below does seem to have been fixed in the final release of Windows 8. I can now use the “Play to” feature with my Denon AVR-3808. Hoorah! However, this is just … Continue reading

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Onward Christian Soldiers…

I see that the Church of England has now formally submitted its response to the UK Government’s consultation on same-sex marriage. They’re against it. If I were a Christian, like Giles Fraser, then, like him, I would be both ashamed … Continue reading

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A Boerenbruiloft

Boerenbruiloft is the Dutch word for a farmers’ wedding. Here in the Achterhoek area of the Netherlands, the sense of tradition is still very strong, so last Saturday I was able to be an onlooker of a boerenbruiloft. It was … Continue reading

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Tracing The Family Tree

I’ve mentioned my family tree on the blog before. That post got responses from distant relatives whom I never knew I had. So here’s another post, prompted by my brother and one of my cousins, in the hope that we … Continue reading

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