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XBOX 360

Apparently Microsoft’s XBOX 360 has just been released. I doubt very much that I’ll be lining up to purchase one – all the gee-whizzery seems to be devoted to games of the first-person shooter variety. This is a genre that … Continue reading

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Autumn Woods

Yesterday we went for a ride through the Bergherbos – the woods that lie between Beek, Stokkum, ‘s-Heerenberg, Zeddam and Braamt in the province of Gelderland in The Netherlands. We were lucky enough to be invited to ride in an … Continue reading

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Jack The Lad

The owner of the riding school that we visited yesterday breeds both Labradors and Jack Russell terriers. Here’s a shot of one of the Jack Russells.   (Ed and Chris – this one’s for you!)    

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Online Memorials

Danah Boyd, over at Apophenia, comments on an emerging phenomenon: the use of social networking services to act as sites for mourning and remembrance. What struck me about the example she uses (the online social profiles of Christine Dao, who … Continue reading

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Autumn Trees

Yesterday, we rode through woods in a horse-driven carriage. More on that later. One of the reasons for doing it was because the trees are showing their Autumn colours.   Carl Zimmer, over at the Loom, points out that there are … Continue reading

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Cameras and GPS

One day soon, the majority of cameras will come with built-in GPS like this Ricoh Pro G3. Then it will become so much easier to add geo-spatial metatags to photos. And once the online photo services such as Flickr start … Continue reading

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Library Downsizing

Wendy Lesser, in today’s Guardian, explores something that I try not to think about: downsizing one’s library. I know that at some point in the future, it will be inevitable that I will have to let some of my books … Continue reading

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