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Tasteless, Crass, Stupid and Cheap…

… that is PZ Myers’ consummate summation of Left Behind: Eternal Forces – a new video game. The objective of the game is to convert or kill (with extreme prejudice) Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, gays, and anyone who advocates the separation of Church and … Continue reading

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Live Long Enough…

…to find the right one. The Sugar Babe Love Campaign – a safe-sex cartoon about growing up and finding true love. Frissons galore. Hat tip to Inquietudes for the link.   Update: apparently, the animation is by Wilfred Brimo, and … Continue reading

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Which Country Should You Be Living In?

According to this quiz, I should be in:   Which country should you REALLY be living in? Russia A vast terrain filled with beautiful scenery and interesting characters. You don’t trust the world. You feel they are always up to no … Continue reading

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Stripping the Enamel

I know that poking fun at Disneyworld is a soft target, but it gives me enormous satisfaction – particularly when it is done so satisfyingly as in Tim Adams’ column in The Observer today. There’s something about the place that … Continue reading

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And Lo, It Shall Come To Pass…

Sam Harris points out why the bible is a product of its time, and not a very good one at that. There were clearly no mathematicians involved…

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Cosmic View

I think I’ve mentioned Cosmic View by Kees Boeke before. There was a copy in my local library when I was growing up that I came across and was immediately intrigued by. The online version of the book is here. … Continue reading

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Who Is This Stanley Kurtz?

As he admits himself, he appears to have a bee in his bonnet about gay marriage. Frankly, he should just keep taking the tablets, because he appears not to be talking any sense whatsoever. I’ve categorised this post under "Society", … Continue reading

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