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OneDrive Now Searches Tags!

I’ve been complaining for nearly four years now that Microsoft’s OneDrive does not support searching of photo metadata. In July 2013, I was told by a Microsoft project manager: “this work just ranks lower on the priority list than some … Continue reading

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Home Automation: A Modern Tower of Babel

A little while back, I blogged about the fact that broadband internet in our neck of the Netherlands is like a piece of wet string. In trying to drum up local support for improving the situation, I’ve been looking into … Continue reading

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The Talos Principle

I’m not an avid player of computer games. I really do not like the shoot-em-up type of game at all, and avoid them at all costs. However, I am partial to Adventure games, particularly if there’s a good story behind … Continue reading

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Je Suis Charlie

From the reporting of the Guardian on today’s barbaric act in Paris, the words of the former Charlie Hebdo publisher Phillipe Val, whose friends were assassinated today: “We cannot let silence set in, we need help. We all need to … Continue reading

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