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A Little Local Difficulty

As you may have gathered, the plug has been pulled on the Dutch government. It’s been quite an exciting few days this week. There was an emergency debate in the Dutch parliament on the evening of June 28th – and … Continue reading

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No Limit

For some reason, the local council in our area is very diligent about putting roadsigns everywhere. This can lead to some bizarre results – such as this "no speed limit" imposed on a dirt track…    

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This is a male chaffinch who has spent the last few days constantly attacking his own reflection in the windows of the house.     He hasn’t yet figured it out that he’s fighting a phantasm. There’s a moral there … Continue reading

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A Sign of Something Badly Corrupt

Ophelia Benson pricks the fetid bubble of Richard Swinburne.

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Al-Zarqawi’s Mom’s Blog

Humour of the blackest kind and in execrable taste. I love it.

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Watch Your Language

Various parts of the media have picked up the story of Dr. Anthony Bogaert’s research today. In summary, it appears that the more biological older brothers a man has, the more likely he is to be gay. A typical report … Continue reading

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It’ll All End In Tears

Justin, over at Chicken Yoghurt, observes the unedifying spectacle that is Noo Labour finger-pointing and says "I told you so". Yep, he’s right. To hell with the lot of them.

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Le Roi Est Mort…

…Long Live the King. Well, depends if you believe marketing speak or not. I’m talking about Microsoft’s WinFS – the object-oriented file system that was supposed to be one of the major pillars of Vista. It had its roots in … Continue reading

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Gerald the Gorilla

An oldie, but goldie, from Not The Nine o’Clock News: Gerald the Gorilla. My type of absurdist humour. Good, also, to at last have the translation of "As Aristotle once said…". Apparently, it’s "here is a cucumber, the woman is … Continue reading

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A Dutch Ark Exhibition

Peter Greenaway has built an Ark at Fort Asperen in the Netherlands. He says: “The ice cap is melting, sea levels are rising and American experts have advised the business community against investing in Dutch companies because this low-lying country … Continue reading

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A Time There Was…

I’ve just finished reading John Bridcut’s biography of Benjamin Britten: Britten’s Children.   Simply superb!   I have a nodding acquaintance with various parts of Britten’s work: Serenade, Prince of the Pagodas, Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, etc. Now, … Continue reading

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Hugo Winners Meme

Nicholas, over at the From the Heart of Europe blog, brings the Hugo Winners meme to my attention. The Hugos are the annual awards given to the best writing in Science Fiction for the year. Nicholas has read every one … Continue reading

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An Embarrassment of Riches

An embarrassment of riches in today’s Review section of the Guardian. First up, the lead article explores the writing of Angela Carter, in particular, The Bloody Chamber. First published in 1979, it "remains as shocking today as when it was … Continue reading

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EuroPride 2006

I see that EuroPride is being held in London this year. I had an email this morning from an old colleague to say that Shell Companies in the UK have announced that they are supporting the Gay & Lesbian Employee’s … Continue reading

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I mentioned Theo Jansen and his Strandbeesten (beach animals) over a year ago. Now comes news that shooting has just started on a documentary about Jansen and his creations. Jansen will be at the ICA in London giving a lecture … Continue reading

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Pachelbel’s Canon

Johann Pachelbel wrote a little tune in, or around, 1680 for three violins and a basso continuo. His Canon has become one of those iconic pieces of music that continues to be played today, either as originally scored, or in … Continue reading

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Poems on Affairs of State

Mention of John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester, sent me to look up the oldest book in my library. That’s a book, published in 1697, entitled POEMS on Affairs of State. No ISBN, for obvious reasons!   It contains a … Continue reading

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Not So Far From The Truth

PooterGeek points out a possible world that is appallingly close to becoming reality.

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Willy Wonka Gone Bad

Johnny Depp portrays John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. Here’s the brilliant prologue to the film. Methinks I should look out for The Libertine.

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We Feel Fine

A near real-time database recording how people are expressing their feelings on the Web with the results displayed graphically. Is it Art? Ist it Science? Is it Both? Whatever it is, it is certainly intriguing.   (hat tip to Neatorama)

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