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Next Steps

One of the young buzzards that I’m keeping an eye on has now graduated from sitting in the nest to standing on a branch nearby…

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It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum!

We’re having a heatwave at the moment (temperatures are around the 30 oC mark). This young buzzard waiting on the nest in the nearby wood is feeling the heat…

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Time Flies

The buzzard chicks are getting bigger. They will soon fly the nest…

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The Courtyard of the British Museum

Here’s a Photosynth of the courtyard in the British Museum that I did last year. On this blog, hosted on, I can at least embed a link to the Photosynth, even if I don’t get a thumbnail (as I … Continue reading

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Into the Woods…

Walking the dog a couple of days back, I followed the usual route through the small woods nearby. Turning a corner on the path, I was suddenly confronted by this hare ahead of me on the path. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Change of Address

In view of the fact that Microsoft has effectively killed off the use of Windows Live Spaces as a worthwhile blogging platform, I’m stopping this blog and moving to a new address on the web. My ramblings and rantings henceforth … Continue reading

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Facial Expression Ballet

In the 1800s, a French doctor, Duchenne de Bologne, studied the effects of electrical stimulation on the face in an attempt to analyse the facial components that make up expressions in the human face. In the 21st century, Japanese artist … Continue reading

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