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The Wonders of Science

I’m grateful to Twisty Faster for the link to this breakthrough in German medical science. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. When I read it I hear the voice of John Cleese speaking German, which I know that … Continue reading

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The Dawkins Rap

Fucking brilliant – nothing else comes close.           Oh, and there’s a high resolution version available via BitTorrent. The video has sparked off enormous discussion on both Pharyngula and Richard Dawkins Net over whether this is pro … Continue reading

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Weeding Those Links

A garden benefits from regular weeding. So does my list of links to web sites stored in the "Favourites" of my web browser. Up until now, I’ve done it manually, but with currently over 1,200 links in the list – … Continue reading

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Fun With Vista

While Microsoft Vista has been getting some bad press, on the whole, I’ve been pretty satisfied with it, and would not want to return to Windows XP. True, in the early days, the shortage of proper Vista software drivers from … Continue reading

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Time To Die

Mark Crislip has a thought-provoking post over at Science Based Medicine on whether people can die simply by willing it. He points out that while he has anecdotal evidence of the phenomenon (he’s apparently a doctor working in an acute … Continue reading

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It’s Baaack!

…that’s the BBC’s Apprentice. Yet another series that starts with 16 hopefuls demonstrating all that is worst in human nature. Is it just me, or are these 16 even more frightful caricatures of human beings than ever before? The first casualty, … Continue reading

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While it’s rather a nice coincidence, it remains just that – a coincidence. Nice one, though.

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I Don’t Know What I’m Talking About

Well, unlike Norm, I really can’t get worked up about sport. Never did, never will. Bread and circuses, anyone?

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Snow Mo

Well, it makes a change from a teddy bear.

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We Are Made For More

It’s strange. This article misses the point on so many levels that it’s more than simply sad, it’s verging on a sin. As one of the commenters notes, it is a "breathtaking exercise in hypocrisy, cant and mendacity."   Update: … Continue reading

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Unscientific Scorn

I see our Maddy Of The Sorrows is back again with yet another ill-thought out article. This time she is worried about the amount of scorn that is being poured upon complementary medicine. Well, just two short comments, Madeline.   … Continue reading

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If you suffer from prosopagnosia, then you are unable to recognise faces.  It turns out that there’s a specific part of the human brain that has evolved to do nothing else other than to recognise faces. Here’s an interesting web page that … Continue reading

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Scaremongering Sermons

I do get very fed-up of prelates who wilfully, it seems to me, scaremonger and tell untruths. There appears to be a concentration of such people in Scotland at the moment. First we had the Bishop of Motherwell, Joseph Devine, … Continue reading

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… continues to disappoint. I’m sorry, but tonight’s "Out of the Rain" episode was not a patch on "Something Wicked This Way Comes", from which it all too obviously seemed to be derived…

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Steptoe And Son

I grew up watching Steptoe and Son on the Beeb, sitting on the sofa alongside my parents. We all loved it. And last night, BBC4 showed another side behind the flickering images on the haunted fishtank – the lives of … Continue reading

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Following Procedure

Not unexpectedly, Ama Sumani has died. As Udo Schuklenk writes, free care to medical migrants who make it to our shores seems a small price to pay for the asset-stripping that we do to the talent of the developing world.

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Vista SP1 Hiccups

Microsoft released the first Service Pack (SP1) for the Vista family of operating systems a couple of days back. There are two machines running Vista in our house; one reported that SP1 was available to install, the other did not. … Continue reading

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No Right Answer

For the geeks amongst us, Joel Spolsky has a terrific post explaining precisely why Microsoft’s IE8 team are damned if they do or damned if they don’t.

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RIP Arthur

Sir Arthur C. Clarke has died. Alas, he didn’t live to see his 90th birthday wish granted: seeing evidence of extraterrestial life in his lifetime.   Update: This reminiscence of Arthur from Michael Moorcock strikes me as being a truer … Continue reading

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Pennies From Heaven

Recently I saw, to my delight, that the DVDs of the 1978 BBC TV series Pennies From Heaven were once again available. I immediately invested, via Amazon, and they duly arrived last week.   I’ve spent the last three nights reliving … Continue reading

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