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“In Fabric” – It’s On My List To See…

Director Peter Strickland has a new film: “In Fabric“. The trailer looks intriguing: I listened to Mark Kermode’s review, and the film is now definitely on my list to see. His summation ticked all the right boxes as far as … Continue reading

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Pow! Whap! Zing! Ker-splat!

As we get ever closer to the point where the UK’s Tory Party crowns the appalling Boris Johnson as their next leader and the country’s next Prime Minister, voices are beginning to be raised urging them to reconsider. Max Hastings … Continue reading

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

So Facebook wants us all to use their new cryptocurrency Libra? I loathe and detest Facebook enough already without this being thrust upon us. As Kenan Malik writes: Libra cryptocurrency won’t set us free, it will further enslave us to … Continue reading

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The Bigger Picture

Jonathan Cook discusses the the assault by Mark Field on a climate change activist this week, and points out the bigger picture. He states that we are in danger of getting sidetracked. Worth reading.

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These are disturbing times. Forget about the ongoing disaster that is climate change, and disasters such as Trump and Brexit. Let’s focus for a moment on the buttock-clenching mini-disaster that is the UK’s Conservative Party’s odyssey to choose their next … Continue reading

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Bird Strike

At the moment, we’ve got a variety of nests in the garden. The fledglings are now leaving the nest for the first time. This young Blue Tit knocked itself out by flying into one of our windows. Nothing seemed to … Continue reading

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Swirling in a Human Cesspit

Sir Cyril James Anderton, when he was the chief constable of Greater Manchester, came up with the supremely irritating statement in 1986 that homosexuals, drug addicts and prostitutes who had HIV/AIDS were “swirling in a human cesspit of their own … Continue reading

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