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The Grand Illusion of Consciousness

Here’s Dr. Susan Blackmore giving a terrific presentation on why she thinks consciousness is a "grand illusion". Well worth your time.     Now I want to read more about it…

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Eau de Raison…

If it was an actual product, I’d almost be tempted to buy a bottle, just to try it… But, as Mrs Lovett and Sweeney might say, it’s just (taking the) piss with ink… 

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Surrealism While Shopping

I mentioned a Lily Allen song a little while back. It’s currently being played quite a lot on Dutch radio stations. And it has a certain earworm power.   I’m finding it somewhat bizarre that when I’m in shops, where the … Continue reading

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Gutsy, Snotty Tears

Alastair Appleton writes of the power of art to provoke a reaction – often when we least expect it. I know what he means. I remember visiting Tate Modern some years back and seeing Stanley Spencer’s The Resurrection – Port … Continue reading

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The Apocalypse Approaches

I rather wish it would be this sort of apocalypse, but somehow I doubt it.

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The Problem With Madeleine Bunting

I’ve never been a fan of Madeleine Bunting – Our Maddy of the Sorrows. I have the strong impression that underneath all the hand-wringing lies something close to the vituperativeness and dogmatism of a Melanie Phillips. I think that yesterday, Bunting inadvertently … Continue reading

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A Day Out

We had a day out yesterday, visiting a potter friend of ours in Flevoland, and then taking in a rather elaborate garden on the way back. Gerda Grashuis had an open day at her pottery (Pottenbakkerij GG), which also featured … Continue reading

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