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…in the nicest possible sense. A reminder of two little computer games that I enjoyed losing some hours with. Both charming in their own idiosyncratic way.    First up: Samorost 2. As I wrote at the time, it has a … Continue reading

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Sometimes, I just love the Dutch. Who else could pack so much into an education film, designed to be shown in a Science Museum. Ladies, gentlemen, and small furry animals, may I present to you: Hormones. I remember it well, … Continue reading

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Pup Puzzle – Part Two

…And the argument goes on…

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Hitchens’ Hackery

I’ve filed this under "entertainment" as I don’t have a category called "tripe" at the moment. "This" being an article by Peter Hitchens on the so-called "Evolution versus Intelligent Design debate" The article turns out to be pretty much a load of old … Continue reading

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Up To A Point, Queen Beatrix

I didn’t hear it myself, but apparently Queen Beatrix’s Christmas message this year underlined the importance of free speech. But then she went and blew it by adding that of course no one has the right to insult anyone else. … Continue reading

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…I wonder why can’t we just lighten up a little? There’s a rather depressing firestorm broken out in a small corner of the Blogosphere over transgender. In particular whether transgendered people support the patriarchy or not. A good, but rather … Continue reading

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Here in the Netherlands, New Year is celebrated by letting off millions of euros worth of fireworks. And every year, there’s someone hurt or killed. This year, by way of a change from the usual hard-hitting public safety campaign, there’s … Continue reading

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The White Blanket

I’ve only just caught up with this telling of the story behind Breugel’s Hunters in the Snow. It’s fascinating. Go and read it… 

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What Sex Is Your Brain?

…Take the BBC’s handy-dandy quiz to find out.   I came out as an average male brain, but I got a full score on the spatial reasoning test, which ties in with the engineering background…   (hat tip to PZ … Continue reading

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An interesting series of alternate earths – many taking our own earth as the starting point and altering one or more variables, for example, the planetary tilt…   (hat tip to Nicholas Whyte)

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Images of Wonder

Phil, the Bad Astronomer, has his choice of the ten best Astronomy images of 2006. They are stunning, I agree, and his number one – the magisterial picture of Saturn, with a distant earth just peeping through the rings – … Continue reading

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Little Faces

Liz Henry, over at the ED SF Project, pens an appreciation of the short story "Little Faces" by Vonda McIntyre. I’ve only read one other work by McIntyre, Dreamsnake, which I enjoyed very much. Liz Henry’s description of Little Faces … Continue reading

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Pup Puzzle

Here’s a probability puzzle for you to get the brain cells working again. Or, as in my case, to bash your head repeatedly against the wall trying to work it out.

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Just Ring Apeldoorn…

"Acupuncture" is the latest in a long string of excellent TV Ads for a Dutch Insurance Company, whose slogan is Even Apeldoorn Bellen (Just Ring Apeldoorn). It won the award for best Dutch commercial for 2006. It’s guaranteed to raise a … Continue reading

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The Nun’s Story

You know me – atheist to a fault; not having any truck with any religion and other such superstitious nonsense. Well, today, I sat down and watched Fred Zinnemann’s The Nun’s Story, starring Audrey Hepburn on TV.   I must … Continue reading

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Watching The Skies in 2007

Here’s an excellent guide to stargazing and skywatching for 2007. It’s available in hardcopy, but also as a free downloadable PDF.   (hat tip to Phil, the Bad Astronomer)

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Slob Evolution

You remember Evolution, the clever Ad by Dove about our perceptions of beauty? Well, now here’s a brilliant parody: Slob Evolution…   (hat tip to Houtlust)

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Zudeo and the Beeb

The BBC plans to use the Internet to distribute much of its current and archive material.  At the moment, if you live in the UK, it is possible to watch clips, and sometimes complete episodes of current TV shows via … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas…

…Or Yuletide, or Solstice, or Mithras, or whatever turns you on. Martin and I have had a year of changes; ones that have brought us to a point that we both feel positive about. I mean, when you see views … Continue reading

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Pure Coincidence

I see that minutes after it was announced that Gazprom has taken over control from Shell as operator of the Sakhalin project, Putin pops up to announce that the environmental issues that were being used to threaten Shell have mysteriously … Continue reading

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