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…in the nicest possible sense. A reminder of two little computer games that I enjoyed losing some hours with. Both charming in their own idiosyncratic way.    First up: Samorost 2. As I wrote at the time, it has a … Continue reading

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Sometimes, I just love the Dutch. Who else could pack so much into an education film, designed to be shown in a Science Museum. Ladies, gentlemen, and small furry animals, may I present to you: Hormones. I remember it well, … Continue reading

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Pup Puzzle – Part Two

…And the argument goes on…

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Hitchens’ Hackery

I’ve filed this under "entertainment" as I don’t have a category called "tripe" at the moment. "This" being an article by Peter Hitchens on the so-called "Evolution versus Intelligent Design debate" The article turns out to be pretty much a load of old … Continue reading

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Up To A Point, Queen Beatrix

I didn’t hear it myself, but apparently Queen Beatrix’s Christmas message this year underlined the importance of free speech. But then she went and blew it by adding that of course no one has the right to insult anyone else. … Continue reading

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…I wonder why can’t we just lighten up a little? There’s a rather depressing firestorm broken out in a small corner of the Blogosphere over transgender. In particular whether transgendered people support the patriarchy or not. A good, but rather … Continue reading

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Here in the Netherlands, New Year is celebrated by letting off millions of euros worth of fireworks. And every year, there’s someone hurt or killed. This year, by way of a change from the usual hard-hitting public safety campaign, there’s … Continue reading

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