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Comet 17P/Holmes

At last I’ve managed to see Comet 17P/Holmes. Last night was the first night of clear skies since the announcement (on October 24) that the comet had suddenly increased in brightness. It’s currently in the constellation of Perseus. It looks … Continue reading

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Sherwin Nuland

Look. Don’t just click away to the next attraction that the internet has to offer. Watch this personal testimony from Sherwin Nuland, a human phoenix. A wondrous affirmation of the human spirit.   <

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Truth Matters

But obviously not to the Society of Homeopaths. I can’t say that I am surprised.

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Shared Values

I think Mr. Eugenides has nailed it. Shared Values? Steve Bell also has a pertinent comment and Peter Tatchell gives chapter and verse.

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Doom and Gloom

George Monbiot contributes a thoughtful, but depressing, column to today’s Guardian. It’s on the subject of the worrying environmental trends laid out in the UN’s latest Global Environmental Outlook report, published last week.   His sense of depression is deepened … Continue reading

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Growing up in the Isle of Man, we had our own version of Halloween, and ours predated the American version. Hop-Tu-Naa involved carving turnips into lanterns; a much more difficult task than all this effete pumpkin rubbish. More background here, … Continue reading

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The Robotic Moment

David Smith ("Ludens") has a thought-provoking piece on his Preoccupations blog. It’s about Sherry Turkle and her views on what she calls "the Robotic Moment" – how the growing encounters that we humans have with cybernetic devices are changing our … Continue reading

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