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Mierenneuken writ large

The Dutch have an expression: mierenneuken. Literally, it means “ant-fucking” (the Dutch are nothing if not straightforward).  The English translate this as “nitpicking”, that is, the practice of meticulously searching for minor, even trivial errors in detail. And now, the … Continue reading

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“A cabinet of shits, charlatans and shysters”

I think John Crace has the measure of Boris Johnson and his choices for the cabinet in the UK’s new, and hopefully very brief, government. Addendum: a comment on another article in today’s Guardian sums it up quite nicely: So … Continue reading

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Fasten Your Seatbelts…

We have just entered a region of severe turbulence. Boris Johnson has become Prime Minister of Britain. Verily, I say unto you: Be afraid – be very afraid. This is not going to end well for any of us, citizens … Continue reading

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Truth Torments Trump

It’s been instructive to observe how accurate the diplomatic briefings of Kim Darroch have been. And also how cowardly the likely next Prime Minister of Britain (I can no longer find it in myself to write “Great Britain”) is being. … Continue reading

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An Offensive Clown in a Polka-dot Dress

I’ve never had time for Ann Widdicombe. Her callousness and stupidity have been self-evident for years. Now she has re-invented herself as an MEP. And she’s still spouting stupidity. She and Farage make a pretty pair. They are in Brussels … Continue reading

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