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The Joy of Schadenfreude

I’m sorry, but I cannot refrain from giving in to some feelings of schadenfreude at the news that Cardinal Keith O’Brien has resigned following accusations of acts of inappropriate behaviour. This is the man who has consistently demonised us. Good … Continue reading

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Microsoft Does It Again…

I see that I’ve used the phrase “open mouth, change feet” a number of times in the life of this blog to describe the continuing ability of Microsoft to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Today I came across … Continue reading

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Disingenuous, Contemptible, or Both?

I’ve commented a couple of times before on the new licensing models that Microsoft has introduced with Office 2013. The nub of the situation is that whilst with earlier versions of Office (e.g. Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010) … Continue reading

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Doctor Dream Is No More

Another influencer on my early adulthood is no more: Kevin Ayers has died. Damn. Time to listen again to some of his work: Joy of a Toy, Bananamour, and of course: The Confessions of Doctor Dream. RIP Mr. Ayers.

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Why Don’t You Govern The Bloody Country?

…instead of making asinine comments on media storms in teacups? Honestly, I despair about David Cameron’s ability to discern what is important and what is not. Hilary Mantel’s piece about Royal Bodies was a forensic analysis, flensing the media spin … Continue reading

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Parenthood Is No Place For Perfectionists

While still shaking my head over the idiocy of David Jones, who claims that two same-sex partners cannot provide a warm and safe environment for their children, I came across a new book written by Andrew Solomon: Far From the … Continue reading

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It’s a word that I use a lot in my blog posts: “Clearly”. I use it where others might deploy “Obviously” or “Without a shadow of a doubt” or “It must be patently obvious to all people with more than … Continue reading

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A Sad Day For Hedgehogs Everywhere

Ronald Dworkin has died. By coincidence, I listened last week to the podcast of Thinking Allowed, originally broadcast on 26 January 2011. In it, Dworkin discussed his book Justice for Hedgehogs with the philosopher A. C. Grayling and the sociologist … Continue reading

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What’s Sauce for the Goose…

…is sauce for the gander. Not being a Catholic, I have little skin in the game. However, given that Pope Benedict has little time for us homosexual secularists, and has made it plain enough, I just thought that I would … Continue reading

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What’s Changed?

And so the British Parliament finally decided to see sense. Not without the usual grumblings from the bigots and homophobes. Even Jesus and Mo seem surprised at the lack of divine retribution. Welcome to the 21st century. Meanwhile, we’re heading … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Media Apps and Media Services

I’ve written before about the issues I’ve had with the “Play to” function in Windows 8. Paul Thurrott wrote an article yesterday: The Sad Tale of Play To and Windows 8, with much the same conclusions. It is worth reading … Continue reading

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Carmen – “Habanera”

…as you’ve never seen it before…   Strangely, I seem to have remembered the same odd places from the 1970s as well… August Schram – clearly someone who has the same odd recollections, even if he is too young to … Continue reading

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You Might Think That…

…but I couldn’t possibly comment. Ah, that immortal line, uttered by Francis Urquhart MP in the BBC’s masterful adaptation of House of Cards. Fast Forward twenty years or so, and we have House of Cards – American style. Actually, I … Continue reading

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