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Out On A Spree

I can’t do justice to expressing my thoughts on recent events in Mumbai, so I’ll let Ophelia do it for me.   Today’s Observer carries several pieces about them. I found those by William Dalrymple and Jason Burke to be … Continue reading

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The Leaked List

Yes, I know I have a warped sense of humour.       The maker of the video mashup talks about it here. Worth reading. And I’ve not seen Der Untergang, so that’s an ommision I will proceed to rectify as … Continue reading

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There’s Bugger All Down Here On Earth

After a day browsing the internet, that final quote from one of the best songs of science is what sticks in my mind.    

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Death Comes to the Birdfeeder

Being Winter, I’ve hung up a birdfeeder outside my study window. It gets lots of visitors, generally members of the Tit families. Yesterday I was working away when suddenly I caught a flash of something whizzing past the windows, and the … Continue reading

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An Interview with Jacques Vergès

Der Spiegel has a fascinating interview with the attorney Jacques Vergès. Vergès: I believe that everyone, no matter what he may have done, has the right to a fair trial. The public is always quick to assign the label of … Continue reading

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Big Hands

Rachmaninov’s Prelude in C# Minor is a tricky piece to play, not just for the necessary speed and precision for the allegro section, but also for the chord stretches. At the peak of my piano-playing ability (when I was 17, … Continue reading

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A Little Levity

This interview with Sarah Palin, with its background counterpoint of turkeys in their death throes, is like something out of Monty Python. My jaw is still on the desk.    

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