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Getting Closer – Part 2

I wrote last week about the fact that the avian flu virus is getting close to Europe.   On a parallel track, the Intelligent Design meme (a "virus of the mind") has been spotted in the UK. It’s a piece … Continue reading

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Reading about the expected effects of hurricane Katrina on New Orleans is a sobering experience. It’s not just the 160mph winds, of course, it’s the fact that New Orleans lies two metres below sea level, and if the sea defenses … Continue reading

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Following on from World Wind, another stunning piece of free software is Celestia – planetarium software that lets you explore the universe in three dimensions. It’s available for Windows, Mac OS and LInux. Warp Factor 9, Mr. Scott!   (hat tip … Continue reading

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…I think I’ve fallen asleep and had an epiphany. Why? What’s happened?   Well, first it was the item on BBC News tonight about "Predator Awareness Training" for Great Bustards. I’m sorry, I noticed your capitalisation as an attempt to … Continue reading

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Song Dedication…

Salam Pax stirs the pot of cultural references magnificently… Play it, baby!

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Deepak – Stop Digging!

I seem to recall that I used a similar tagline for Professor Rubenstein a couple of months back when he followed up one load of codswallop with an even bigger load.   Now Deepak Chopra has done the same. Apparently … Continue reading

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Got It In One…

…And over in the department of the bleeding obvious, I am wiping off the coffee from my keyboard thanks to this.   (hat tip to Skeptico)

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