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Anthony Bourdain

Attention, Mike, over at Coffee Corner; there’s a great interview with Anthony Bourdain in today’s Observer that I think you’l enjoy.   And for the rest of you, if you haven’t yet read Kitchen Confidential, you don’t know what you’re … Continue reading

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Koninginnedag Comes Early This Year

On the 30th April every year, the Dutch celebrate the late Queen Juliana’s birthday. This is Queen’s day (Koninginnedag). It’s really an excuse for a big party that will happen throughout the Netherlands. Because the 30th April falls on a Sunday … Continue reading

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China Dispatches

Brian Sack (Banterist) is visiting China at the moment. His impressions of the country and its culture are being captured in a series of dispatches. Well worth reading – particularly the guidance for using the squat toilet. Brings back memories … Continue reading

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A Brisk Lesson

What with all the work involved in the move to the country, we’ve missed several weeks of The Apprentice. However, we were able to catch up with last night’s episode – a real humdinger involving Syed and Ruth fighting tooth … Continue reading

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An Addition to the Family

As I’ve mentioned before, Martin had his heart set on owning a dog once more once we moved to the country. The original plan was to sign up for a puppy. However, a breeder contacted us saying that she had … Continue reading

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The Film Meme

OK, a quick digression into meme-land. This list should probably – for reasons of alliteration – be called the "Movie Meme", however, if you don’t mind I prefer sticking to "Film". The word "Movie" has an air of cheap cigar about … Continue reading

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The Garden in Spring

We’re starting to tackle the garden at the farmhouse with the arrival of some warmer weather. There’s quite a lot of the garden to tackle, so it will be occupying much of our time, I feel. At the back of … Continue reading

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Reconnecting the Firehose

I’m here crossing my fingers because tomorrow, with a bit of luck, someone will arrive to install ADSL at the farmhouse. This last month without Broadband access has felt really strange. I’ve hardly been surfing at all on the Internet … Continue reading

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Sharing the House

We’ve had a wooden floor put in the bedroom at the farmhouse. While that’s been going on, we’ve spent the last couple of nights sleeping in a room in the outhouse. A bit basic, but doable – and the plan … Continue reading

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

"There’s nothing we can do – it’s an automated system"   That’s a sentence that is guaranteed to raise my blood pressure. Having worked in IT myself, I know that it’s not the computer’s fault; the blame can be laid … Continue reading

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How Animals Have Sex

I have mentioned this book by Gideon Defoe before. But that was before I had read it. I am here to report that the reviews were completely on target. This is one of the funniest books I have read in … Continue reading

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