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Jesus And Mo – The Author Speaks

I’m definitely a fan of the Jesus and Mo cartoon strip. The anonymous author has given a rare interview that appears on the Council of Ex-Muslims forum. Worth reading.

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Management Speak

Steven Poole has hit a nerve with his article in the Guardian on 10 of the worst examples of management speak. It’s got over 1,800 comments all of them expressing their loathing of management speak. It reminds me of the … Continue reading

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A Cappella After Ever After

I think that this young man has a future in showbusiness…   Clever words, too…

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The Sign of the Glass Tumbler

Jesus and Mo ponder the puzzle of why many Christians do not condone assisted dying.

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This Isn’t A Pub Anymore!

Yesterday’s Jesus and Mo is a humorous allegory on a current topic. Cardinal Keith O’Brien is credited as the scriptwriter.

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Dedicated Comic

I see that yesterday’s Jesus and Mo is dedicated to Rhys Morgan, Jessica Ahlquist, One Law for All, and Salman Rushdie. Quite right, too.

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Dinner Table Talk

Mo seems to have captured the false logic expressed by Baroness Warsi to a tee. As Ophelia points out, Anthony Andrews has also demolished the Baroness’s claims quite effectively: She wants to give greater voice to religion in the political … Continue reading

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