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“It is a foul calumny that we do today”

Brian Sedgemore MP tearing into the complacent British government over the eroding of civil liberty by using the false spectre of terrorism.

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Hamster-Powered Music

Boing Boing comes up trumps again and points me to (drumroll) The Hamster-Powered MIDI Sequencer. I swear, you couldn’t make this up if you tried…

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The Stroop Effect

Thanks to the Language Log, I came across a new example of psychological interference today: the Stroop Effect. Try it – although if you suffer from colour blindness, it may not work… Coincidentally, the word "stroop" in Dutch means syrup … Continue reading

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Things I don’t Miss About Work: The Marketing Department

#3 in an occasional series. OK, I know it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but what is it about marketing people? They clearly come from another planet from the one I live on. To illustrate the point, take the … Continue reading

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Gay men ‘as bad as women with maps’

That’s the headline of a story carried by the London Times about research that has been carried out by the University of East London that seems to show that gay men and women (both straight and lesbian) share the same strategies … Continue reading

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For Better, For Worse, Forget It

And while one part of society celebrates love (see previous entry), another part of society, to whit, the Anglican Church, refuses to look beyond genitalia. The news media, e.g. the Guardian and the BBC, today carry stories on the impending … Continue reading

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For Better, For Worse

The UK’s Guardian newspaper reports: “From the Royal Navy to The Simpsons, everyone is taking a line on gay marriage. Duncan Campbell looks at how US and UK film-makers are tackling the issue.” The UK film is "Andrew and Jeremy … Continue reading

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Pope Calls Gay Marriage Part of ‘Ideology of Evil’

So reports Reuters about the pope’s new book. What a charming man he is. Excuse me while I go and turn the other cheek. No doubt his imminent successor will be cut from the same cloth.

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I Dream of the Body Electric

I Sing the Body Electric is the title not only of a Walt Whitman poem, but also a wonderful short story by Ray Bradbury. The story concerns three children, whose father invests in a robot nanny to bring them up … Continue reading

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The Religion Meme and Prof Ramachandran

The Guardian has a weekly supplement devoted to the Life Sciences. This week it has an interesting article about why people have religious faith – suggesting that it may be a survival mechanism. Being atheist myself, I’ve long been intrigued … Continue reading

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Gays and The Military

Came across two stories today about Gays and the military services. First, today’s Guardian reports that the UK Navy is entering into a partnership with Stonewall and actively seeking gay recruits in the Pink Press: Navy’s new message: your country … Continue reading

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Things I don’t Miss about Work: The Language

#2 in an occasional series. Last week, the BBC broadcast the first episode of a series called The Apprentice. It will follow the fortunes of 14 applicants (seven men, seven women) who are all fighting for a single job with Alan … Continue reading

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Managing Libraries of Photos

I’ve been photographing things since 1966. I started with 35mm (I’ve dallied with both negatives and slides). In 1997, I acquired an APS format camera and used it alongside my 35mm camera. The convenience of the APS camera (a Canon … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t You Just Know It!

Having worked with computers, I’ve got resigned to the fact that the moment you decide to invest in a computer, the manufacturer seems to bring out a new version that is twice the speed at half the price. Yesterday, Thursday, I … Continue reading

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I spend far too much time in front of my computer at the moment, and I see that Dell is not going to make it any easier with the introduction of a 24" LCD screen at a knockout price.

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Archive of Estonian Adverts

Serendipity allows me to tie together a couple of threads today. In previous posts, I’ve referred separately to Estonian kitchen sink drama and Penguin biscuits. The wonderful Boing Boing points me towards an archive of television adverts produced for State … Continue reading

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Elena Still Going Strong

The Guardian today has an article about Elena Salvoni – one of London’s legendary Maitre d’s. I was fortunate enough to dine a couple of times at L’Escargot in the early 80s during her time there. She was so charming, … Continue reading

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London’s Olympic Bid

Today, London receives a visit from a 13-strong Olympic inspection team to examine the city’s bid for the Olympics on 2012. I was amused to read that the proposed site for the beach volleyball event is Horse Guards Parade. In the … Continue reading

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The Personal Awareness Assistant

The Annals of Improbable Research points to this entry from Accenture about the Personal Awareness Assistant as a "wonderful satire". Trouble is, I’m not at all convinced that the good folk at Accenture were, in fact, joking. It would not … Continue reading

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P-p-pick up a Penguin

Today’s Guardian carries a cheery little story about a German zoo’s attempts to get its penguins to breed. The problem is that the zoo recently discovered that three of their five penguin pairs are all male. So, do they have … Continue reading

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