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Normal Service will be resumed…

…as soon as possible. I’m going to be travelling for a few days, and I doubt that I’ll have time to dive into Internet cafes to keep up the stream of consciousness here. So you’ll just have to bide your … Continue reading

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The WEEE Man

The WEEE Man is made from the amount of waste electrical and electronic products that an average UK citizen will throw away in a lifetime, if he or she carries on disposing of products at the current rate. At the risk of being … Continue reading

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60 Years Ago On This Day…

…the concentration camp at Dachau was liberated by US troops. This post from Orac should be read, lest we forget.

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Multi-Player Games

I feel such a ham trying to complete games such as NeverWinter Nights in single-player mode, that I’ve never dared venture out into the multi-player version. Perhaps what I need to do is ease myself into it gradually. For example, … Continue reading

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The Falkirk Wheel

In the last entry (on the Animarus Rhinoceros Transport) I spoke of the marriage between Art and Engineering. That put me in mind of this amazing boat lift, which I suppose is more a marriage between Engineering and Art.

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Animarus Rhinoceros Transport

I love the marriage of art and engineering – particularly when it results in the feeling that you’ve landed in some strange universe… Check out the video, and then follow the link to the main page to find out more … Continue reading

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Macintosh OS X 10.4 Tiger

Now, I run Windows here at home, but I’ve always been interested in what Apple were up to with the Macintosh. Actually, my interest predates the Macintosh – I did an in-house review of the Lisa for work, way back … Continue reading

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