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The Big Bang Machine

All you ever wanted to know about the Large Hadron Collider, courtesy of the Guardian. I’m looking forward to it being switched on.

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So Fucking What…

Sorry for the intemperate headline, but while thinking about Stephen Fry’s response to sensitive souls who take offense at every little thing, it seemed to me to be aposite for Stephen Lenski’s reponse to Andrew Schlafly’s particularly stupid queries over Lenski’s research. As … Continue reading

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Too Late…

For my vicarious pleasure, I often peruse the Not Always Right web site, where the more depressing side of humanity is often on display during a customer/vendor transaction. While most of them make me despair for the future of humanity, some … Continue reading

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Wind-powered Skyscrapers

Architect David Fisher has come up with the idea of skyscrapers where each floor can rotate independently, driven by wind turbines. Intriguing, although I assume that the kitchen and bathroom units will hug the central, static, core of the building. … Continue reading

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Nothing Can Go Wrong…

Geoff Manaugh, over at BLDGBLOG, has an intriguing entry on RoboVault, a robotic storage facility in Florida. It’s also worth visiting RoboVault’s actual web site, if only to hear the corny voiceover extolling the virtues of the facility. Mind you, … Continue reading

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Creature Creator

I see that the launch date of Spore is at last getting within reach. The makers have just released the Creature Creator, which allows you to design your own animals for the Spore worlds. I’ve always wondered what it must … Continue reading

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Would You Like Mayo With That?

And just to illustrate how little UK society seems to have moved on since Section 28, here comes the news that a Heinz advert has been pulled because it features two men sharing a peck on the cheek. I don’t … Continue reading

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