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Postcards From Spain

We’re just back from a week in sunny Sitges. We were first there 25 years ago, and stayed in the amazing Hotel Romantica. This time, we hired an apartment from SitgesHolidayAccommodation (thanks, Brian and Ryan!), and were equally at home. … Continue reading

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Windows 8.1 Preview

Microsoft has released a pre-release version of its next Windows operating system: Windows 8.1. Being a pre-release, it is of course not finished, and comes with all sorts of health warnings. Despite this, I, like thousands of others, am keen … Continue reading

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The Last Interview

I’m returning, once again, to the subject of Iain (M.) Banks and his all-too-soon departure from the world. The reason is this interview – perhaps the last he gave before his death. Let it be noted that I stand in … Continue reading

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Good and Bad Shorts

I occasionally peruse the io9 web site. Occasionally, because, quite frankly, I find it a bit tiresome. It just seems a bit over the top and too much in love with itself. Here, for example, is the piece on R’ha, … Continue reading

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Thank You, Iain Menzies Banks

There’s been a slight disturbance in the Force (otherwise known as the internet) the past couple of days. A Scottish author, beloved by many – and me – has recently died. Far too soon, and with too many stories yet … Continue reading

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Another inspiration is stilled.

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18 Arguments Against Gay Marriage

The New Statesman’s Caroline Crampton lists 18 arguments voiced today in the UK’s House of Lords against same-sex marriage. All the usual suspects are there, including the new Archbishop of Canterbury. I can’t say that I’m surprised by his stance. … Continue reading

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The Swapper

That’s the title of a new game for Windows. It’s a series of puzzles woven around the story of an astronaut who comes into possession of a cloning device. It has beautiful visuals, literally hand-crafted from clay and everyday objects, … Continue reading

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Photo Metadata

The BBC’s News web site has a video report on photo metadata. It’s a fairly good introduction to the topic, and worth five minutes of your time. The reporter, Ian Hardy, makes the point that your grandfather’s photos often had … Continue reading

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