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Steve Ditko

The Guardian reports today that Steve Ditko has died aged 90. He was one of the great comic book artists. I remember as a boy going round the corner to the newsagents in Walpole Avenue, in Douglas, Isle of Man, … Continue reading

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Oh, Bugger…

Victoria Wood has died. The news probably won’t mean much to most of you, but to me she was the laugh-out-loud, singing version of Alan Bennett. A brilliant writer and comedy performer. Beat me on the bottom with a Woman’s … Continue reading

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Media in the Home–The State of Play

I’ve written a couple of posts over the past six weeks about Hi-Fi and Home Cinema, and I thought it would be useful to document the current state of play here in the Witte Wand. Six weeks ago, I was … Continue reading

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Media in the Home – The Journey Continues, and Roon is Discovered

Music My journey to get the best experience of listening to music began many years ago, when I was still a teenager. That was when I first dipped my toes into the waters of HiFi. Using the wages from the … Continue reading

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Seeing the Future

I was pulled up short today by the caption under the photo in this Guardian piece: “Xeno, an interactive monster with pullout snot, farting capability and 40 different expressions”. God, that will be me in not more than 20 years… … Continue reading

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Wilson, Kepple, but no Betty

Funny how things can stick in your mind. Impressions from years ago that, even then, were hand-me-downs from your parents and older family members. Things that you would never have experienced firsthand, yet were alive to you. So it is … Continue reading

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Lichtenvoorde’s Bloemencorso

The nearby town of Lichtenvoorde holds a Bloemencorso, or Flower Parade, every year on the second Sunday in September. For 2012, that was yesterday, and as it was a beautiful sunny day, we went along to watch the parade. There’s … Continue reading

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