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“I Find The Reality Thrilling”

Another episode from the Symphony of Science: Our Place in the Cosmos…      

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Photos of the Year

Here are my photos from 2009 that I am most pleased with. They’re no great shakes from a professional point of view, but I am happy with them… View Full Album

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Bertrand Russell on God

Funny how we are saying the same things 50 years later, and the message still hasn’t sunk in…    

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There and Back Again

A trip from the Himalayas to the furthest known reaches of the universe and back again in six minutes. Wonderful.    

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A Queen’s Christmas Message

Bette Bourne delivers her alternative Christmas message. Merry Christmas, Bette.

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One of the traditions of the BBC is to have a ghost story at Christmas. I don’t know whether there will be one this year, but here’s a short animation that seems to fit the bill. You just know from … Continue reading

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Seasons Greetings

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Getting Colder…

We’re having a cold snap at the moment, and some of the visitors to the garden have noticed the bird feeder…

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The Unconsidered Life

A short video of the philosopher AC Grayling talking about the need for critical thinking, and being a well-informed citizen of the world.    

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I’ve mentioned it before, but here’s another version of Tim Minchin’s wonderful poem "Storm"…    

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Depressed? – Very!

Ben Goldacre has another excellent Bad Science column – this week looking at Climate Science – and the truly depressing vile mixture of denialism and conspiracy theories that’s swirling around it. As Ben says, "the same rhetorical themes [are] re-emerging … Continue reading

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Pretentious? – Moi?

Olympus UK have launched their new PEN camera with a series of video adverts. You can see them here – click on the video tab to choose between them (once you’ve pressed play to activate it).   I have to … Continue reading

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Foreign Influence At Work

Another report in The Observer today about the anti-gay bigotry that is growing in Uganda. The report also makes it clear that Uganda is not the only country in Africa where gay people are proscribed – there are a total … Continue reading

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‘Tis a Puzzlement…

…that in the 21st Century Archbishop Williams can still state, in all seriousness, that he and his followers should not be seen as "oddities". But, y’are, Blanche, y’are – and what are these awful things that I’m supposed to be … Continue reading

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The Running Man Vanishes

Here’s a nicely-performed illusion by Ilya Larionov. He claims that there are no camera tricks, and I think he’s telling the truth. This can be done by skill alone – oh and having a fourth person to help out…   … Continue reading

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What Will Happen…

… when the bill becomes law?   I’m talking about a particularly pernicious piece of legislation that is before the Ugandan parliament. If this is passed, it becomes possible for gays to be sentenced to death in Uganda. People like … Continue reading

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The Twelve Days of Christmas

An updated version from Carol Ann Duffy. God, she’s good.

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Windows 7 – The Camel In Action

The old saw says that "a horse is a camel designed by committee". When I first saw the default background that comes with Windows 7, I had to agree with Peter Bright – it is simply god-awful. The first thing … Continue reading

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Books of the Decade

I see that the Guardian has published its list of the 50 “books of the decade” with comments from a variety of authors and critics. It’s worth reading their comments for insight. Here’s just the list – bolded titles are … Continue reading

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The Wonder of Parasites

I’ve blogged about my wonder concerning Toxoplasma gondii before. I’ve also blogged about Robert Sapolsky before. It gives me great pleasure, therefore, to be able to point you towards a video of Robert Sapolsky talking about Toxoplasma gondii. This is … Continue reading

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