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A few weeks back, I noted that a blackbird was sitting on a nest that she’d built in our pony stall. She hatched four eggs, and the chicks have all grown and successfully fledged. Today, the nest was empty. She … Continue reading

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The Devils

The Devils is a film made by Ken Russell forty years ago. Right from the outset, it ran into trouble from the censors, and still today, it is not available on DVD. I can understand why it caused such a … Continue reading

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So, How Was It For You?

I wrote about how much I was looking forward to the opening episode of the next series of Doctor Who. So I suppose I should write a few words on what I thought about it. Well, look, I’m not very … Continue reading

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Hoist By Their Own Petard

A rather ironic little story in the Dutch news today… TomTom, the Dutch SatNav company collects information from its devices installed in cars. This information gives an insight into the driving habits of the motorists using the TomTom devices. TomTom … Continue reading

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Wise Words

Christopher Hitchens was due to address the American Atheist Convention, but had to cancel because of illness. So he wrote them a letter instead. Hitchens writes like an angel wielding a flaming sword, and the letter is an excellent example … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Holst

Another note for the diary. Tony Palmer has made a documentary about Gustav Holst that will be broadcast on BBC4 on the 24th April. There is more to Holst than The Planets – but while I think Holst’s Beni Mora … Continue reading

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The Tree of Life

This piques my interest. I can still remember sitting in what was then the National Film Theatre on the Southbank during an afternoon showing of Days of Heaven back in 1978 and realising that I was watching something that would … Continue reading

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