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Does The Button Do Anything?

It’s a deep question. And I agree with Le Canard Noir – I miss paternosters.

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Dr. Cox Rocks

Physicist Brian Cox talks about his passion – physics – and the Large Hadron Collider in this engaging and informative talk at the recent TED conference. He still strikes me as a young whippersnapper, though; fresh out of school and … Continue reading

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The Fall

Leafing through the Arts section of today’s newspaper, my eye was caught by the rather arresting Daliesque image in the poster for the film The Fall. The film opens here in The Netherlands this week. The review in the newspaper was positive … Continue reading

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The Causes of War: Women or Pigs

Jared Diamond has a story about Daniel Wemp, an employee of ChevronTexaco and avenger of his Uncle Soll, who was killed in a battle with a rival clan. Extraordinary. Go and read it.

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Conversations With Cabbies

Nigel Warburton, who blogs as the Virtual Philosopher, had a rather eyebrow-raising conversation with his taxi-driver last week. Bob, in the comments, points us to this video of Stewart Lee talking about a similar experience with another taxi-driver.    

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Tribute To Jim Gray

Jim Gray was an outstanding and influential computer scientist. He made major contributions in the field of database design. He vanished without a trace while on a short solo sailing trip on January 28 2007. I see from Pat Helland’s … Continue reading

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An Eminent Blogger

I see that Charles Darwin has become a blogger. Welcome to the Blogosphere, Charles!

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