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Someday, I’ll Go Back To Heaven

A large package was delivered yesterday morning. It turned out to be a work of art. My dearest friend, Len Curran, had, amongst his many other talents, an eye for Art. Many was the time during his travels abroad that … Continue reading

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A Plague of Larvae

We noticed that the grass in our field was looking a bit scrubby, and the earth was being scraped over. At first, we suspected our dog, Watson, was looking for moles, but the damage was becoming too widespread. One of … Continue reading

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Hippisch Festijn 2011

Last weekend was the annual horse festival held around here: the Varsseveld Hippisch Festijn. It’s a three-day event, but as usual, I only had time for going along to view a couple of hours of the cross-country event and the … Continue reading

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Bad Timing

My HP TX2000 Tablet PC died this week, just as I wanted to put the Windows 8 Developer Preview on it. It won’t boot, or even display the BIOS screen. It turns out that this problem is fairly common, and … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Waited

So I was otherwise engaged last weekend when the latest episode of Doctor Who aired. I had travelled to Northern Ireland to say a final goodbye to my dearest friend. That’s another story, and I don’t feel ready to tell … Continue reading

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Hannes Bok

I made a connection today. Between the artist called Hannes Bok, who produced some rather unsettling art, and the man called Hannes Bok who possibly died of starvation.

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“The Consequences Are Real”

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’m very lucky to be able to live in a country that has Civil Marriage for both same-sex and different sex couples. Some countries have only Civil Partnerships for same-sex couples, … Continue reading

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