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Let’s Have A Kiki

Despite those who feel that this is merely passé, I like this track enormously, and am pleased to see the video from the Scissor Sisters. My niece recently sent me an email reporting that she and her family had seen … Continue reading

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Litmus Test

Reading the reactions to Danny Boyle’s Olympic Opening Ceremony is something of a litmus test, gauging where the commentator resides on the spectrum from left to right, or from heartfelt to disingenuous. I have to say that I loved it, … Continue reading

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Cloud Atlas

“Cloud Atlas” is the name of a remarkable book by David Mitchell. A Russian Doll of a book, it contains stories within stories that link and arc to form a narrative that spans centuries and civilizations. I thought it was … Continue reading

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A Letter to a Mother

Abdellah Taïa wrote a letter to his mother. A letter in which he explained his homosexuality to her. I regret that I cannot fully understand the French of the original letter, but this translation retains, I think, much of the … Continue reading

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Subscribe, Not Purchase?

There’s a post today on Microsoft’s official Office blog that talks about Office and the Cloud. One thing that leapt out at me was this: As part of the Customer Preview, we announced that you’ll be able to sign up … Continue reading

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Just Testing

This blog post was been created in Microsoft’s Word 2013. Up until now, I’ve been using Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer very happily to do all my blogging with. However, I suspect the writing is on the wall (as it were), … Continue reading

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Backing Up Your Data

Here’s a simple question: do you have backups of the data held on your Windows PC or your Mac? Apparently, the answer from most people (if they’ve ever even thought about the question) is a resounding “no”. That’s the conclusion … Continue reading

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Well, I Told You So…

So Microsoft has effectively killed off their Windows Home Server product. Being Microsoft, of course, they don’t say this quite as baldly as I just did. Instead, they’ve announced some details of their forthcoming Windows Server 2012 lineup of software, … Continue reading

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