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Clearing The Airwaves

Well, that may be what Julia Stephenson thinks she’s doing, according to this article in The Independent. But to Ben Goldacre, over at Bad Science, it looks more like muddying the waters. I have to say that I agree with … Continue reading

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Photo Metadata

I’ve mentioned the metadata that is embedded inside digital photos before – in particular, some of the ways in which trying to use it to manage a library of photos can be frustrated by incompatibilities in tools used to manipulate … Continue reading

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The Global Peace Index

How high does the country where you live score on the Global Peace Index?

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I don’t know which is more reprehensible – the fact that Richard Perle believes this shit, or the fact that he wants us to believe it. If there were a Hell, he would be surely destined for it. The fact that there … Continue reading

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Beyond Windows

So, Microsoft Surface has finally arrived. It may well punt the Windows model into the sidelines, but I’m betting that you’ll have to wait until version 3.0 before it will live up to the hype.

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Jurassic Park

I’m coming very late to this particular party, but I’ve just stumbled across Weird Al Yankovic’s parody of MacArthur Park: Jurassic Park. As usual, the video is full of visual jokes and style references. I love the homage to the … Continue reading

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The Fight Goes On

Today’s news from Moscow is depressing.

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Everything Is Miscellaneous

That’s the title of both a book and a talk given by David Weinberger. The talk (given at Google) is interesting and worth watching. I’m now intrigued about the book.   (hat tip to Tim at the Thingology Blog for … Continue reading

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Human Nature

Ooh, this looks as though it’s going to be one of the great episodes. Part two next week…   But why, oh why, did the Doctor exclaim on seeing a meteor, that it was a meteorite? You did not see … Continue reading

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No Comment

Orac has a book recommendation.

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Stargazing in London

I cursed the bastards at Madame Tussauds when they pulled the plug on the London Planetarium in favour of celebrity pursuit. However, Diamond Geezer warms the cockles of my heart by telling us that Greenwich has stepped up and filled … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi Scaremongering

The BBC has a current affairs programme that’s been running for decades: Panorama. Most of the time, the stories presented under the Panorama banner are worthy, interesting, and well researched. Just occasionally, however, one slips through that is so completely … Continue reading

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Happy Belated Birthday, Carolus!

I’ve been so busy, I forgot that on May 23rd, it was the 300th birthday of Carolus Linnaeus. Sorry about that. He deserves a tip of the hat for his achievements. I see that that the Linnean Society of London … Continue reading

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The Hay Festival

Just a reminder to say that the Hay Festival is once again in full swing. Thankfully, I shall be able to make a vicarious attendance by going to the audio/video library web page.

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Ballard On Dalí

Today’s Guardian Review carries an article by JG Ballard celebrating the life and work of Salvador Dalí. Worth reading. I see that the sub-editors also had a little fun with the title as well.

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International Wine Challenge

I see that the results of the International Wine Challenge for 2007 have been announced. I must see if I can find some of the wines locally. Depressingly enough, the search facility on the IWC web site assures me that just … Continue reading

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Taking Liberties

This documentary, which opens next month, looks as though it could be thought-provoking…     More from Rachel here.

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Er, Hello?

So there is an article in yesterday’s FT which is about the ambitions of the folks in Google; where they want to take it. And I read this: Asked how Google might look in five years’ time, Mr Schmidt said: … Continue reading

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One Less Tourist Destination

I admit that Pakistan was never very high on my list of places to visit before I die, but news that the Minister for Tourism has offered her resignation because she hugged her elderly instructor after completing a parachute jump … Continue reading

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Dell Tablet PC

I see that Dell have announced that they will be introducing a Tablet PC later this year. At the link you can watch a video of a Dell Senior VP, Jeff Clarke, talking about it. I’ve often thought that the … Continue reading

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