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Whoops – A Mass Misunderstanding

The Catholic tradition of Carnival and the Catholic tradition of Mass look to be on collision course in Den Bosch tomorrow: A priest’s refusal to grant communion to a gay man has led to uproar in the Catholic south of … Continue reading

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Funding the Pursuit of Bullshit

Ophelia, accurate as always. Is Mooney’s prize the 21st Century equivalent of the thirty pieces of silver?

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The Symphony of Science – Part V

Another installment of the Symphony of Science. This one proving that, although it’s amazing technology, even Auto-tune can’t make Professor Dawkins sing…    

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Seeing Is Believing

My dad always used Old Spice, but I don’t recall this ever happening to him. Nicely done special effects – most of them simple mechanics. Only the hand with the diamonds has been superimposed on the single take in this … Continue reading

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Murder in Samarkand

Quick, you have (as of 21 Feb 2010) six days left to listen to something that you need to hear.

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Dying in Increments

A phrase from a piece in Esquire about Roger Ebert, the film critic. Once you get past that amazing, arresting portrait image, the picture it paints of Ebert is wonderful. Worth reading.

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Which Web Animal Are You?

The BBC has been running a series of programs on the effects of the internet and the World Wide Web on society called The Virtual Revolution. Fronted by Aleks Krotoski, it’s been a relatively good exploration of both the history … Continue reading

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