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Whoops – A Mass Misunderstanding

The Catholic tradition of Carnival and the Catholic tradition of Mass look to be on collision course in Den Bosch tomorrow: A priest’s refusal to grant communion to a gay man has led to uproar in the Catholic south of … Continue reading

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Funding the Pursuit of Bullshit

Ophelia, accurate as always. Is Mooney’s prize the 21st Century equivalent of the thirty pieces of silver?

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The Symphony of Science – Part V

Another installment of the Symphony of Science. This one proving that, although it’s amazing technology, even Auto-tune can’t make Professor Dawkins sing…    

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Seeing Is Believing

My dad always used Old Spice, but I don’t recall this ever happening to him. Nicely done special effects – most of them simple mechanics. Only the hand with the diamonds has been superimposed on the single take in this … Continue reading

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Murder in Samarkand

Quick, you have (as of 21 Feb 2010) six days left to listen to something that you need to hear.

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Dying in Increments

A phrase from a piece in Esquire about Roger Ebert, the film critic. Once you get past that amazing, arresting portrait image, the picture it paints of Ebert is wonderful. Worth reading.

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Which Web Animal Are You?

The BBC has been running a series of programs on the effects of the internet and the World Wide Web on society called The Virtual Revolution. Fronted by Aleks Krotoski, it’s been a relatively good exploration of both the history … Continue reading

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Fun With Technology – Part V

Here we go again, another trawl through the depths of technology. My problem is that I never could learn when to leave well enough alone; there are always a few niggles that will bother me, and usually I find that … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

And following from the last post on Chatroulette, how could I resist this wonderful post about vintage sex toys from the Kinsey Institute? Ain’t humanity wonderful?    

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You Don’t Say?

So Chatroulette is the latest fad. I freely admit that I haven’t been brazen enough to hit "Play" yet, unlike Jason Kottke.   I note, with a sense of irony, that the Chatroulette start page says: "Chatroulette does not tolerate … Continue reading

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Puberty Looms

Living with him every day as we do, it is sometimes hard to realise just how quickly our Labrador puppy, Watson, is growing. It’s just over four months since we took him home from the kennel, and then he weighed … Continue reading

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Flame Warriors

Thanks to Jeff Atwood, over at Coding Horror, I’ve just learned about Mike Reed’s roster of Flame Warriors – a site that describes the various archetypes who populate the internet. I rather suspect that I’m Tiny Yapper – which one … Continue reading

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Uneasy Bedfellows

I sense that the spirit of Mandy Rice-Davies is with me tonight. My immediate response to the Synod’s passing of the motion that belief in Religion and Science are compatible was to think: “well, they would, wouldn’t they?” I can’t … Continue reading

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The Big Question

Richard Wiseman has posted a thought experiment linked to polls for pet owners, one for cat owners and one for dog owners. The thought experiment is this: Imagine walking into a room and finding your beloved dog or cat, and … Continue reading

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Maddy’s Misrepresentations

I see that Madeleine Bunting is giving us the benefit of her views on the subject of euthanasia. I really find it irritating that she can so wilfully misrepresent Terry Prachett’s position: "My life, my death, my choice," declared Pratchett. … Continue reading

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Home Cinema

For my birthday, a neighbour of ours presented me with the DVD of Creation – the biopic about Charles Darwin.   I am really touched by her thought on this, even though I have (without having yet seen the film) … Continue reading

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The Stupid – It Burns

I’m sorry, but hasn’t Mary Midgeley realised that she’s barking up the wrong tree by now? Or perhaps she’s simply barking.

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Storms Of My Grandchildren

I’m currently reading James Hansen’s Storms Of My Grandchildren – a thoroughly researched, and terrifying, look at climate change.   I don’t actually have any grandchildren; the nearest my genes have come to carrying on are my nieces, nephews and … Continue reading

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Manx in Japan

Being from the Isle of Man, I occasionally look back to see what’s going on. Every now and then I am flabbergasted at what the internet hath wrought. Here’s Rebecca Flint, dressed up as Beckii Cruel, a 14 year-old Manx … Continue reading

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Johnny Dankworth is dead. I’ll miss his music.

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