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Presidential? – I Think Not

Reading President Museveni’s speech at his signing of Uganda’s Anti-homosexuality bill is depressing. Not so much because of his clear bigotry, ignorance, and politicking – that’s only to be expected – but because of my realisation of what this means … Continue reading

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Essential? – I Think Not

I received an email today from Nokia which had the strapline: Essential Apps for your Lumia: Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Perhaps it’s just me, what with my hardening arteries, old age and all that, but “Essential”? – I think not. … Continue reading

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Intel’s Obstacles

I’ve been using Microsoft’s Windows Home Server since 2007. In the years that it’s been installed, it’s been doing sterling work, acting as our server for digital media around the house, and also being responsible for taking nightly backups of … Continue reading

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The Streisand Effect in Action

In 2009, Wendy Doniger’s book The Hindus: An Alternative History was published by Penguin. It seems to have attracted the wrath of Hindu (male) chauvinists; to the extent that a lawsuit from the Hindu group Shiksha Bachao Andolan accusing Doniger … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Click For

Scott Hanselman has a terrific post about how most people’s computers seem to end up getting infested with Adware, Malware and Spyware. It’s all true. Whenever I’m asked by a friend, relative or neighbour to take a look at their … Continue reading

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RIP Stuart

Stuart Hall died today. As the Guardian obituary says: Hall was always among the first to identify key questions of the age, and routinely sceptical about easy answers. A spellbinding orator and a teacher of enormous influence, he never indulged … Continue reading

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Nasty, Brutish, and Wrong

The Guardian published an opinion piece by Kevin McKenna last Saturday: Scotland’s assisted suicide bill is an offence to our human dignity. Frankly, if anything was an offence to human dignity, it was this piece of invective. But then again, McKenna … Continue reading

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