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Alice In Sunderland

While I’m on the subject of graphic novels, I must mention Bryan Talbot’s Alice In Sunderland. Its subtitle is "An Entertainment" – and what an entertainment it is! A great fireworks display of a book – fizzing with ideas and … Continue reading

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Fun Home

I mentioned Alison Bechdel’s biography of her family, and her father in particular, some while back. Now, Amanda Marcotte writes a review of the book (Fun Home) that is worth reading in itself.

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Another National Treasure

And talking of National Treasures, here’s someone else who I really do believe deserves that title, even if he, and many other people, would recoil at the idea. It’s Peter Tatchell. There’s a good profile of him in today’s Guardian.

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A National Treasure

That’s Victoria Wood. I’m pleased to say that she’s back on our TV screens at the moment with a series called Victoria’s Empire. Lucy Mangan’s review in The Guardian captures the same sense of pleasure that I felt watching it.

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The Banana

Although this seems like something that the Monty Python team would have produced, apparently it’s a deadly serious attempt to show how God has designed the banana for human consumption. Words fail me.     Someone should tell the makers … Continue reading

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Thank God For Sex

Chris Clarke, over at Creek Running North, crystallises an astounding insight: Evolution is an epiphenomenon of sex.   Extraordinary. I think I would probably say that rapid evolution is an epiphenomenon of sex, but nonetheless, it’s a staggering concept to … Continue reading

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One Small Step

There’s something about the current fad for celebrities wanting to spend $200,000 on a trip into space that I find faintly distasteful. Marina Hyde summed it up in her usual mordantly witty fashion here. However, I hold no such misgivings … Continue reading

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