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The Great Wen

Craig Murray comments on recent events in London, and opens with a marvellous evocation of the Great Wen that is worthy of Michael Moorcock’s Mother London: LONDON An Italian banker, custodian of Vatican money and secrets, is found swinging under Blackfriars Bridge. … Continue reading

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Google Maps

Google has just added some improvements to its Google Maps application. And I have to say that I’m impressed. This web application is now very slick indeed, and far better than the Microsoft Streets and Trips application that I used … Continue reading

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I had some respect for Wim Kok. But when I read this sort of thing, then I think I was mistaken. RNW: So the mistakes he made in relation to Iraq resulted from a strong belief that he was choosing … Continue reading

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Fun With Statistics

Hans Rosling is very good at showing statistics about societies. And he’s got a rather stunning party trick. Watch this video – right to the end. (hat tip to TED Blog)

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A Contest For Parents

Martin and I aren’t qualified to enter, but Flea is holding a contest, over at One Good Thing, to find the most humiliating moment in parenting. Mind you, I think that the example she uses to set up the contest … Continue reading

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Open The Can…

… and what you might find inside are worms.   There’s recently been a story in the UK press about a 16 year-old who has gone to the High Court to accuse her school of discriminating against Christians by banning … Continue reading

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What Enigma?

I see Paul Davies has an article in today’s Guardian about his theories of the Universe. I’ve mentioned him before, in less than flattering terms, and I see little in this article that makes me want to revise that opinion. … Continue reading

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