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The Great Wen

Craig Murray comments on recent events in London, and opens with a marvellous evocation of the Great Wen that is worthy of Michael Moorcock’s Mother London: LONDON An Italian banker, custodian of Vatican money and secrets, is found swinging under Blackfriars Bridge. … Continue reading

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Google Maps

Google has just added some improvements to its Google Maps application. And I have to say that I’m impressed. This web application is now very slick indeed, and far better than the Microsoft Streets and Trips application that I used … Continue reading

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I had some respect for Wim Kok. But when I read this sort of thing, then I think I was mistaken. RNW: So the mistakes he made in relation to Iraq resulted from a strong belief that he was choosing … Continue reading

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Fun With Statistics

Hans Rosling is very good at showing statistics about societies. And he’s got a rather stunning party trick. Watch this video – right to the end. (hat tip to TED Blog)

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A Contest For Parents

Martin and I aren’t qualified to enter, but Flea is holding a contest, over at One Good Thing, to find the most humiliating moment in parenting. Mind you, I think that the example she uses to set up the contest … Continue reading

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Open The Can…

… and what you might find inside are worms.   There’s recently been a story in the UK press about a 16 year-old who has gone to the High Court to accuse her school of discriminating against Christians by banning … Continue reading

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What Enigma?

I see Paul Davies has an article in today’s Guardian about his theories of the Universe. I’ve mentioned him before, in less than flattering terms, and I see little in this article that makes me want to revise that opinion. … Continue reading

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The Horns of a Dilemma

Poor Mo can’t make his mind up.

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Excuse Me?

We’re currently well into the Gay Parade season, with reports, and photos up on Flickr, coming in thick and fast. I was rather taken by the Angry Professor’s tale of what happened when she took her four year-old along to … Continue reading

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Thirteen To Centaurus

Simon Sellars, over at the Ballardian, has an entry on Thirteen To Centaurus, which is both the title of a short story by J.G. Ballard, and also of an adaption of the story shown on BBC in 1965 as part … Continue reading

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This Is Fun?

Charlie Brooker sums up why I never, ever, want to go to an open-air pop festival ever again in my life. Never, ever. Got that? Never.

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I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, I saw it when the reviews starting coming in for Dawkins’ The God Delusion. By that, I mean the impression, on reading the reviews, that the reviewers either hadn’t actually read … Continue reading

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Your Signature

Your signature is more powerful than you think – an award-winning advert for Amnesty International       (hat tip to Houtlust)

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Clever Micah

PZ Myers draws our attention to Micah, a dog who is either a mathematical genius or whose owners are deluding themselves. My money is on the latter. As PZ says, they’ve clearly never heard of Clever Hans.   No, wait! … Continue reading

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God Hates The World

A cheery little ditty from those wonderful folks at the Westboro Baptist Church. The von Trapp family, they ain’t. Delusion in action, and a clear demonstration of the "enclave" theory of Mary Douglas. The saddest thing is the short solo … Continue reading

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Out Of The Dark

On the eve of the 40th anniversary since the UK decriminalised homosexuality, there a good article in today’s Observer about the times as they were then, and how, step by small step, things have changed. Worth reading.

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Take My Advice…

…If you love someone, don’t think twice.   Well, I’ve just seen Neil Jordan’s Breakfast on Pluto and I am here to tell you that if you haven’t seen it, get thee to a cinema or a DVD shop and … Continue reading

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The Passage Of Time

We had a reminder of the passage of time last night. Martin was teaching a guest lesson at a local ballet school. He decided to use his choreography based on Madonna’s Vogue for the class. To his consternation, none of … Continue reading

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Variations On A Theme

After 305, here’s another variation on the theme of 300. This is the closest I’m going to get to seeing the actual film.     (hat tip to Pandagon). Ah, the Weather Girls! I have fond memories of seeing and … Continue reading

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Licence Reminder

For failing to obtain a licence, a respected biologist, Marc van Roosmalen, faces 14 years in prison. I smell something fishy about this. One wonders whether vested interests of those who are involved in clearing the Amazonian rainforest may have … Continue reading

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