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The Automated Curse Generator

A lovely little tale from the Daily WTF about when good ideas go horribly wrong.

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Windows 7: Some Thoughts

As I mentioned last week, I’ve now got my new Windows 7 software, and am in the process of installing it on our computers. I’ve been running the beta version for a while, so I know what to expect; nevertheless, … Continue reading

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By George, It Might Just Work!

I’m feeling very low in spirit at the moment. This is because the media, both in the UK and the Netherlands, are buzzing with the news that Tony Blair may well become the President of the EU. Well, here in … Continue reading

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I Doff My Hat

An interesting story in today’s Observer about gay men who have adopted children. It’s great to see the many forms that a loving family can take. Here’s the article and here’s the video that lets some of the fathers speak … Continue reading

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Disingenuousness Defined

It seems to me that the "apology" from Jan Moir merely underlines the fact that she is probably not someone that I would point to as a good example of a moral human being.

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32 or 64 Bits?

Now that Windows 7 has been released, I shall shortly be in the position to replace the beta versions of Windows 7 on our home systems with the real thing. One of the fundamental questions that I need to address … Continue reading

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About four years ago, I mentioned a quirky little game called Samorost. The creative forces behind that have been hard at work and have now come up with Machinarium. It’s been getting rave reviews. I’m downloading it as we speak.

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