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Jesus – The Musical

As the late Kenny Everett used to say: "It’s all in the best pahsible taste". Not, in other words. Still, I found this short video by Javier Prato amusing. It will be a sad day when we can’t laugh at … Continue reading

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Dog Bars

Where there’s a need, someone who’s enterprising will fill it. There was a time when I felt at home in a city. Not any more – I seek the quieter spaces of the country.

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Moral Choices

They’re tricky at times. Suppose you were Andrew Clemens. What would you do?   (hat tip to the ED SF Project and Robert Cook)

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Surely You Jest?

This has to be a joke, surely? I mean, I know that New Labour has a tenuous grip on reality at times, but please, Mr. Coates, you are pulling our legs, aren’t you?

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Ephemeral Ads

Paging Chris and Ed – here’s a collection of mid-20th Century advertising art that you might wish to browse through. There’s even a haunted wing – the gallery of Demonic Tots and Deeply Disturbing Cuisine. Shudder.

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The Poet Departs

Having only recently discovered the blog of Teju Cole, I now find that he has posted his last entry today, and, worse, will remove his pages from the web tomorrow. So, today is your last chance to read the remarkable … Continue reading

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And The Award Goes To…

The lovely Rita Verdonk, Dutch Minister for Integration and Immigration, won an award last night: the Big Brother award for privacy violations in the Government category for 2005. Couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person, I thought. She’s obviously … Continue reading

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The War on Science

So, last night, the BBC’s Horizon tackled the debate over Intelligent Design. It wasn’t quite as bad as I feared, but I felt that the programme makers still held back from plunging the wooden stake into ID’s heart, where it so … Continue reading

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AIBO – Plug has been Pulled?

It seems that Sony’s robot dog – AIBO – has had its plug pulled. Damn, this puts paid to my cunning plan to reduce the running costs of a dog. Now we’ll have to get a real one.

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We’re All Doomed…

Nine months ago I reported on a survey finding that seemed to indicate that Americans were switching off their intelligence in large numbers. Alas, it appears as though the brain-eating virus has crossed the pond and is munching its way … Continue reading

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Er, No Thanks, I’ll Pass…

Much as I like Roller-Coasters, I don’t think I would care/dare to ride the one at Cedar Point.   (hat tip to Neatorama)

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Artificial Life

Robert Silverberg (an SF author) reflects on the work of Philip K. Dick (another SF author, and visionary). It’s an excellent article showing how Dick’s dystopias are showing up in our current reality today. He refers to Vivienne, an artificial … Continue reading

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Not-So-Strange Bedfellows

Why am I not surprised that the Bush administration has allied itself alongside Iran in preventing Gay and Lesbian people from having a voice in the UN?

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European of the Year

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been selected as European of the Year for 2006. The only thing that slightly modifies my rapture at this news is the fact that the award comes from the Reader’s Digest. I remember that from the … Continue reading

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Two Data Points From Nigeria

Two Nigerian bloggers comment on the news that the Nigerian government is to ban same-sex marriage.   First up is Trae, a young 22-year old Nigerian who spews forth with a depressing stream of homophobia and misogyny on his blog … Continue reading

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Simulation – A Great Way To Learn

Flight simulators are terrific tools for pilots learning how to fly. Pilots can be introduced to a whole range of flying conditions and dangerous circumstances in complete safety in order to prepare them for the real thing. Flight simulators represent the pinnacle of … Continue reading

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Goodbye Monastery, Hello Hotel

Maastricht is a city worth visiting. I see that there’s a new hotel opened there that might be also worth a visit (if we can afford it).

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Double Dutch

Last month I mentioned the confusion being caused by the introduction of a new version of the official guide to spelling Dutch. I see that Geraldine Coughlan, a BBC News correspondent in The Hague has a story on the same … Continue reading

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Why Do I Need Windows Vista?

That’s the question raised by Mano over at his blog. It’s a rhetorical question, because he lists 15 reasons as to why he thinks the next version of Microsoft Windows will be worth it.   Mmm, perhaps; but I’m afraid I’m … Continue reading

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The Bog Bodies

There was an interesting programme on the BBC last night: Timewatch: The Bog Bodies. It followed the archeological research that followed the discovery of two bodies preserved in Irish peat bogs. As well as the scientists involved in dating the … Continue reading

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