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Jesus – The Musical

As the late Kenny Everett used to say: "It’s all in the best pahsible taste". Not, in other words. Still, I found this short video by Javier Prato amusing. It will be a sad day when we can’t laugh at … Continue reading

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Dog Bars

Where there’s a need, someone who’s enterprising will fill it. There was a time when I felt at home in a city. Not any more – I seek the quieter spaces of the country.

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Moral Choices

They’re tricky at times. Suppose you were Andrew Clemens. What would you do?   (hat tip to the ED SF Project and Robert Cook)

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Surely You Jest?

This has to be a joke, surely? I mean, I know that New Labour has a tenuous grip on reality at times, but please, Mr. Coates, you are pulling our legs, aren’t you?

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Ephemeral Ads

Paging Chris and Ed – here’s a collection of mid-20th Century advertising art that you might wish to browse through. There’s even a haunted wing – the gallery of Demonic Tots and Deeply Disturbing Cuisine. Shudder.

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The Poet Departs

Having only recently discovered the blog of Teju Cole, I now find that he has posted his last entry today, and, worse, will remove his pages from the web tomorrow. So, today is your last chance to read the remarkable … Continue reading

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And The Award Goes To…

The lovely Rita Verdonk, Dutch Minister for Integration and Immigration, won an award last night: the Big Brother award for privacy violations in the Government category for 2005. Couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person, I thought. She’s obviously … Continue reading

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