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RIP Diana

Saddened to hear that Dame Diana Rigg has died. Even though she reached the respectable age of 82, I’m sure she would have carried on giving delight to audiences if cancer hadn’t got its claws into her. I suppose that … Continue reading

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“In Fabric” – It’s On My List To See…

Director Peter Strickland has a new film: “In Fabric“. The trailer looks intriguing: I listened to Mark Kermode’s review, and the film is now definitely on my list to see. His summation ticked all the right boxes as far as … Continue reading

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Seder Masochism

Nina Paley has finished her magnum opus and released it to the world. Deceptively simple, yet raises uncomfortable questions. Worth watching.

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The Happy Prince

Just watched “The Happy Prince” – a film about Oscar Wilde; written by, directed by, and starring Rupert Everett as Oscar. Simply magnificent.

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You Gotta Believe

Nina Paley has been working on Seder-Masochism, the follow-up to her wonderful Sita Sings The Blues, for a while now. Here’s a snippet, visuals courtesy Nina, song courtesy The Pointer Sisters. Fabulous (in all meanings of the word)!

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Media in the Home – The Journey Continues, and Roon is Discovered

Music My journey to get the best experience of listening to music began many years ago, when I was still a teenager. That was when I first dipped my toes into the waters of HiFi. Using the wages from the … Continue reading

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Into The Woods…

Just over a year ago, I blogged about the forthcoming film version of Into the Woods, the musical by Stephen Sondheim, which would be produced by Disney. I was a bit concerned that, despite a strong cast, the saccharine hand … Continue reading

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The Hobbit

Last Tuesday, I paid one of my very rare visits to a cinema. I went to see a midnight showing of The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies, in 3D no less. It was a somewhat surreal experience; … Continue reading

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The Wanderers

A rather impressive short film, with the always impressive words of Carl Sagan. I won’t live to see these scenes in reality, but hopefully some of our species will.

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Particle Fever

I watched Particle Fever last night. It’s a documentary about the Large Hadron Collider and the search for the Higgs Boson. It’s staggeringly good. Equally staggering is the scale of the physics experiment that the LHC embodies. It’s probably the … Continue reading

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There’s a new film coming out (if you’ll pardon the pun): Pride. It tells the true story of a group of lesbians and gay men from London who went deep into the Welsh valleys to support the miners during the … Continue reading

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I Wish…

…that the upcoming Disney version of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods will do justice to the material. The first teaser trailer for the film of Into the Woods has been released, and it’s notable that there ain’t no singing in … Continue reading

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Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent

Back in 1959, when I was ten years old, I went to our local cinema and saw Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. I was utterly mesmerised by it. Two things gripped me, and never let me go: the look of the … Continue reading

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Lawrence of Arabia

David Lean’s film Lawrence of Arabia was first released in 1962. Until a few days ago, I had never seen it, but last week I bought the Bluray version of the restored and remastered 50th Anniversary Edition. I watched it … Continue reading

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Under The Skin – Again

As I wrote back in 2009, Michel Faber’s first novel Under The Skin will probably get under your skin, and provoke a severe reaction. I see that the novel has now been made into a film. While it sounds as … Continue reading

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Watch Anytime, Anywhere…

I notice that some DVDs are now advertised as including a digital copy of the film, intended for playback on PCs, Smartphones and Tablets. I seem to recall that at one time, the digital copy was physically present on the … Continue reading

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Good and Bad Shorts

I occasionally peruse the io9 web site. Occasionally, because, quite frankly, I find it a bit tiresome. It just seems a bit over the top and too much in love with itself. Here, for example, is the piece on R’ha, … Continue reading

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Rewriting 2001

The Dreams of Space blog has an entry that shows a children’s comic produced in 1968 that ties-in to the release that year of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It depicts two children, Debbie and Robin, being taken to see the … Continue reading

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The Hidden Talents of Giraffes

I never knew that giraffes could do this. They must have remarkably strong teeth.

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Just Tying Threads Together

The news that Roger Ebert has died has brought out instances of what he meant to many people. Including the shout-out from Nina Paley, who thanks Ebert for his review of her film. Sita Sings the Blues is wonderful. Roger … Continue reading

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