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The Digital Closet

There was an interesting article on Ars Technica the other day about anti-gay censorship in online gamer forums. The article itself is well-written and level-headed, but what really struck me was reading the comments (all nine pages and counting at … Continue reading

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Traditional Crafts

Here’s a post to extol the virtues of traditional crafts and craftsmanship. Last Sunday, there was an event held in our local small town of Varsseveld. Billed as an “Old-timers’ day” (you can understand why I felt right at home), … Continue reading

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Britain’s Gulags

Johann Hari has written another compelling article, this time on the shameful history of Britain’s dealings with Kenya. Go and read it.

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Short Memories?

The Guardian had one of its “In Praise Of…” leaders the other day. This time, it was “In Praise Of Stonewall” – the UK-based group that campaigns for equal rights for gays and lesbians. And it’s true, as far as … Continue reading

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Michael Crookes

I was saddened to learn that Michael Crookes died last month. He was a dancer, choreographer, writer and dance administrator. He was only 47 when he died on the 12th April, in Tunbridge Wells. He had been suffering from cancer. … Continue reading

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A Panto Moment

In last night’s episode of The Apprentice, Sir Alan Sugar provided us with a perfect pantomime moment when he said to the losing team: "This ain’t no bladdy game show, you know…" I suspect that up and down the land, … Continue reading

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Comicbook Science

I’m watching the programme on Ida, the 47 million year-old fossil, at the moment. Or at least, trying to watch it. I am growing increasingly tired of the flashy camera shots, overpowering music and the whizz-bang sound effects, which, as far as … Continue reading

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