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OK, so I know that it is very shallow of me, but I can’t help feeling a teeny bit jealous of Phil.    

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I notice that the last entry I wrote on the blog was on the 28th. This is just a note to say that I’m still here, but that things are a trifle busy. Nothing untoward, but I also need to wait … Continue reading

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Computer Workstation Ergonomics

Jeff Atwood, over at Coding Horror, has a useful summary of best practice when it comes to computer workstation ergonomics. I have to admit, I don’t have the same position as the drawings show – I’m hunched over the keyboard … Continue reading

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Geek Humour

While it’s clearly a joke, the phrases uttered by the "designers" of this world-shattering piece of software are terrifyingly like the sort of crap marketing-speak that I’ve come to know and loathe.      Nicely done.

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Geoff Manaugh, over at BLDGBLOG, has an interview with Michael Cook about drains illustrated with some spectacular photographs. Do go and read it and enjoy the view. 

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I Weep

Oh, Education, where art thou?     (hat tip to A Gentleman’s C for the link) 

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Eight Random Facts

I’ve been tagged by one of the memes currently doing the rounds of the Blogosphere. The vessel by which the meme reached me is J. Carter Wood, over at Obscene Desserts. The meme challenges me to name eight random facts about … Continue reading

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