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Bad Experience: Xbox Music App

As I wrote here, Microsoft has recently updated the Xbox Music App for Windows 8. The update improved the navigation of the music library to the extent where I thought I could start using the App (it was absymal on … Continue reading

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Best Laid Down – And Avoided

In recent years, there’s been a fashion for “historical drama documentaries” on TV. You know the sort of thing – get a historian to front a programme on say, the Wars of the Roses, and fill most of the airtime … Continue reading

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Wilson, Kepple, but no Betty

Funny how things can stick in your mind. Impressions from years ago that, even then, were hand-me-downs from your parents and older family members. Things that you would never have experienced firsthand, yet were alive to you. So it is … Continue reading

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Small Steps

Microsoft released new versions of some of their Windows 8 Apps today. The ones that I’ve seen so far are the Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging Apps, together with a new version of the Xbox Music App. I’ve updated my … Continue reading

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The Death of a Teacher

Lucy Meadows is dead, most probably she committed suicide. What drove her to take her life was quite possibly the toxic combination of The Daily Mail and Richard Littlejohn. A petition has been set up to ask for a formal … Continue reading

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I Am The Doctor – And I Am Afraid…

It’s coming – the next series of Doctor Who. My place on (or behind) the sofa is booked. This will be the 50th year since Doctor Who has been showing in the haunted fish tank, and each year I seem … Continue reading

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A Cappella After Ever After

I think that this young man has a future in showbusiness…   Clever words, too…

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