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Hoist By His Own Petard

So David Laws has gone. Unlike some, I have no sympathy with the man whatsoever. A multi-millionaire who takes £40,000 from the public purse and pays it to his partner as “rent” for the room in the house that they … Continue reading

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Love Wins Out

An unexpected ray of sunshine in Malawi. I am pleased for Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, but clearly Malawi’s President uttered the pardon through gritted teeth. That does not bode well for Steven and Tiwonge’s life in Malawi. We’ve had … Continue reading

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Farewell, Jack

Jack Birkett has died. I have fond memories of seeing him and the rest of Lindsay Kemp‘s wondrous company in performances of Flowers and other works. Time to pull out the DVD of Derek Jarman’s Tempest and see Jack as Caliban … Continue reading

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Open Your Eyes

A good article by Julie Bindel about the film Eyes Wide Open. The film depicts what happens when two men, who also happen to be Hassidic Jews, meet and discover their love for one another. As she says about the … Continue reading

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Statesman Speaks

The term "Statesman" is defined in my dictionary as "one versed in the art of government; one taking a leading part in the administration of the State". The former president of Nigeria, Olesegun Obasanjo, is described by the Guardian as … Continue reading

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It Takes Faith…

…to think that the Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks isn’t talking out of his arse. Unfortunately, I don’t have that faith, any more than I thought that his predecessor, Lord Jabokovits, was anything other than a homophobic windbag. The moral zeitgeist … Continue reading

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Bruce M. Hood draws our attention to a man who is obsessed with racing marbles.       I was rather taken with the stoicism of his wife…

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