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Playing With Magnets

As a boy, I used to play with magnets – I find them fascinating. In those days, the magnets available to small boys were not very strong. As I’ve grown up, so has the technology. These days it’s possible to … Continue reading

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An Inside Look at the Palestinian West Bank

Google run a series of lectures called Tech Talks. A somewhat misleading title, since the topics are not always related to technology. Here’s a riveting example: Pamela Olson talking about what she observed during her time spent living in the … Continue reading

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Won’t Someone Put “Horizon” Out Of Its Misery?

I know I’ve complained about the dumbing-down of the BBC’s Horizon before, but I keep on trying to watch it in the hope that its decline might be reversed. However, last night’s edition on the body clock seems to have … Continue reading

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Fun With Technology – Part III

Sometimes, what you think is obvious does not always turn out to be the case. So it was when I decided to connect my Tablet PC (an HP Tx2000ed) to my audio amplifier (a Denon AVR-3808). I was driven to … Continue reading

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Paradise Lost

There was an extraordinary documentary on BBC 2 last night: Trouble in Amish Paradise. It followed the story of two Amish brothers, Ephraim and Jesse Stoltzfus, who started questioning the rules of their Amish culture, and as a result ran … Continue reading

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Flushed With Success

You can meet the most interesting people in the most unexpected of places. Here’s Dr. Ben Goldacre, for example… Goldacre of Bad Science talks about Sensationalised Science Reporting from Conrad on Vimeo. 

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Fun With Technology – Part II

Last month, I wrote about some of the ways in which consumer technology doesn’t always work as promised. Today I’ll continue with the saga of the SNAFUs I’m encountering in my quest to have a media network in the house. … Continue reading

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