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Mapping The Brain

A terrific article by Jonah Lehrer in Wired about the work of the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle. Worth reading.

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Boiling The Frog

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is under attack by the very body that should be upholding it – the UN Human Rights Council. Roy Brown writes about the latest racheting up of the attack.

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A fine review of a not-so-fine restaurant by the Guardian‘s Food Critic today. One almost feels sorry for the restaurant owners. Almost.

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Charlie Brookner nails the inner workings of The Apprentice.

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The Executive Summit

This story, from The Daily WTF, reminds me of what I often observed in my working life. To be fair, though, in some of the buildings the facilities seemed as though they had been designed as an IQ test by a … Continue reading

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The American dance group Pilobolus is currently touring the Netherlands, and last night we went to see their performance at the Arnhem Schouwburg. Stunning as always. Hard to believe that I first saw Pilobolus well over thirty years ago at … Continue reading

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Extreme Shepherding

Faked or genuine, it still brings a smile to my face…    

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