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Mapping The Brain

A terrific article by Jonah Lehrer in Wired about the work of the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle. Worth reading.

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Boiling The Frog

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is under attack by the very body that should be upholding it – the UN Human Rights Council. Roy Brown writes about the latest racheting up of the attack.

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A fine review of a not-so-fine restaurant by the Guardian‘s Food Critic today. One almost feels sorry for the restaurant owners. Almost.

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Charlie Brookner nails the inner workings of The Apprentice.

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The Executive Summit

This story, from The Daily WTF, reminds me of what I often observed in my working life. To be fair, though, in some of the buildings the facilities seemed as though they had been designed as an IQ test by a … Continue reading

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The American dance group Pilobolus is currently touring the Netherlands, and last night we went to see their performance at the Arnhem Schouwburg. Stunning as always. Hard to believe that I first saw Pilobolus well over thirty years ago at … Continue reading

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Extreme Shepherding

Faked or genuine, it still brings a smile to my face…    

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Where Is My Mind?

Here’s a great video of science writer Jonah Lehrer talking about the material of his latest book – about how the human mind makes decisions. There is some really interesting research going on at the moment that he draws our … Continue reading

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What’s In The Box?

That’s the title of a short demo film reportedly made for 150 Euros and a pizza by a young Dutch guy. It’s very well done. He should go far.    

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Little Red Riding Hood

An old tale seen through scientific eyes…ålsklubben – Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.    (hat tip A Blog Around the Clock)

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It’s About Power

I’ve mentioned the power of Matt Taibbi’s writing a couple of times before. Here he is again writing about the shenanigans on Wall Street. Worth reading in full. “The latest bailout came as AIG admitted to having just posted the … Continue reading

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Another One Bites The Dust

Following hot on the heels of the BBC’s Horizon’s inexorable decline is, it appears, New Scientist magazine; now heading for the grubbier shores of tabloid journalism and bad science. A pity, I used to like reading the NS, but it’s … Continue reading

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ISS Sighting

The International Space Station is back in our night skies at the moment. I went out last night at 20:08 to watch it cross the sky from the SSW to the SSE. It’s just a light travelling across the sky, … Continue reading

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Health Warning

This Pope is dangerous to your health. Perhaps the Eucharist wafers could be stamped with a health warning?   Update: Joanna Bogle: part of the problem, not part of the solution.   Update 2: Hank puts into words all the frustration … Continue reading

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In the spirit of turning swords into plowshares, I would like to think that consumer versions of the military HULC system will one day become available. It would be wonderful to be able to continue walking in the countryside well … Continue reading

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A good video that sets out a clear description of one of the current theories of abiogenesis. It wasn’t lightning striking a mud puddle as some idiots would have you think.    

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Deborah Drapper

Deborah Drapper is 13 years old. She is a bright, intelligent girl. She is also an evangelical Christian.   BBC Three has made a one hour documentary about her (and her family of 10 brothers and sisters and her parents). It … Continue reading

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Witch Hunt

Another article from Johann Hari to make you stop and think.

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Mardi Gras

Here’s a wonderful impression of this month’s Mardi Gras in Sydney by filmmaker Keith Loutit. He uses a time lapse technique coupled with tilt and shift focus that turns the parade into an animated film using toy figures. The end … Continue reading

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Why Is Science Important?

Back in 2005, I mentioned a survey of over 250 renowned scientists, science communicators, and educators – including 11 Nobel laureates – asking what they would teach the world about science and why, if they could pick just one thing. … Continue reading

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