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Chuck, Vlad, and Godwin’s Law

Heaven knows, I don’t have much time for Prince Charles. His views, particularly on the subject of alternative medicine, strike me as being not only misguided, but downright dangerous because of his position of influence. Still, just as a stopped … Continue reading

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For the Want of a Nail…

Last Tuesday, Microsoft announced the latest device in their Surface range: the Surface Pro 3. Everyone expected that Microsoft would be announcing a different, smaller, model – the so-called Surface Mini, but somewhere between announcing the launch event, and the … Continue reading

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Rise Like a Phoenix…

Well, of course, as soon as I read of the controversy surrounding Conchita Wurst, I couldn’t help but cheer her on in the Eurovision Song Festival. A drag queen, with a beard? It brings back fond memories of the Sisters … Continue reading

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OneDrive – Still No Proper Support For Tags

Update 23 January 2015: OneDrive now searches Tags – at last! So please treat what follows as a historical post illustrating the situation as it was up until January 2015… Update 8 October 2015: And now Tags added to photos … Continue reading

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The UN Goes Bollywood

The UN Human Rights Office has made the first ever Bollywood music video for gay rights as part of their Free & Equal initiative:   With my Indian ancestry, I thought it rather charming and sweet…

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