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It’s the Daffodils Turn

Following on from my post about the field of crocuses, it’s now the turn of the daffodils to have their day in the sun…

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Spambots and Sofas

Jon Ronson always seems to turn up some interesting aspects of society. Sometimes however, it seems as though he’s turned over a stone and found something particularly unpleasant underneath. For example, I found it very difficult to watch the three … Continue reading

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I’m not always a fan of modern ballet, but I have to say that I found this performance of Wayne McGregor’s Chroma by the Royal Ballet absolutely stunning.

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Yes, it’s pulling at the heartstrings, it’s trying to be Stephen Sondheim (but it’s Stephen Schwartz). Nevertheless. It speaks to me. Maybe, as Noel Coward once said: never underestimate the potency of cheap music – but still. This has power. … Continue reading

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Lightroom 4 – A Mixed Blessing?

Adobe has just released the latest version of their Swiss Army knife for digital photography: Lightroom 4. Since there’s a free trial available (which lasts for 30 days), I thought I’d download it and give it a go. Lightroom is … Continue reading

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Field of Crocuses

One of our local farmers has changed from growing the usual crops to cultivating flowers. His fields are currently full of crocuses.

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An Orrery For The 21st Century

Ever since I was a small boy with an interest in astronomy, I’ve wanted an Orrery. Today, 55 years further on, I’m no closer to owning my very own Orrery than ever I was. Still, hope is on the horizon. … Continue reading

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