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The Atheist Fundamentalists

Just been watching the Intelligence Squared Debate on the proposition that “Atheism is the New Fundamentalism”. Speaking for the motion were Richard Harries and Charles Moore. Speaking against the motion were AC Grayling and Richard Dawkins. It won’t come as … Continue reading

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Global Warming 101

As we’re now in the run-up to Copenhagen, there’s a couple of things that I think are worthwhile drawing your attention to. The first is the Copenhagen Diagnosis report produced for the conference by 26 climate scientists. The report has … Continue reading

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Flood Prone Areas

Reading about the floods resulting from the heavy rainfall in Cumbria last week made me think about the potential for disaster here in the Netherlands. By coincidence, I see that the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics published an item on … Continue reading

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Willingness To Help: 10; Practicality: Null Points

I amuse myself in my idle monents by browsing some of the web forums set up to help people get to grips with their computers. I do this partly out of a drive to actually try and help people with … Continue reading

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Another Triumph For The Arts

Excuse me, but I’m having another Victor Meldrew moment about a dance artist who wants to induce an epileptic fit in herself in the name of art. The statement from an Arts Council spokesperson is indicative of the levels of … Continue reading

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All You Wanted To Know About Digital Photography

There’s a new web site that just been launched, which is devoted to the topic of Digital Photography. It looks very comprehensive, and covers topics such as best practice in Digital Photography and Workflows. The site has been set … Continue reading

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Warning – Purple Prose Ahead

Steven Poole draws our attention to a strangely fascinating opening sentence: Pigeons rustled in the beams of the Staten Island Ferry terminal as Rebecca Miller, the writer and director, ordered a soft pretzel. It comes from a New Yorker article, … Continue reading

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