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Windows Home Server Support

Yes, I know I’ve complained about the poor quality of the support documentation for Windows Home Server before (here, here, and here), but I just keep finding more examples. The latest is the Solution Center page for Windows Home Server … Continue reading

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Storms In Teacups

I see that Torchwood is returning to our haunted fishtanks next month. While I’ve been pretty disparaging about the series in the past, I have to say that I thought that it redeemed itself with the Children of Earth series. … Continue reading

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Getting Started With Windows Home Server 2011

I see that Microsoft’s Michael Leworthy has posted that the latest update of the “Getting Started With Windows Home Server 2011” document is now available. This version is dated June 2011, and replaces an earlier one dated February 2011. It’s … Continue reading

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Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer Do…

No, it’s no good, I must stop reading the stuff that Mark Vernon is prone to write (and, I might add, get paid for!). It’s not good for my spleen. This time he’s using some philosophical fenceplay from Raymond Tallis … Continue reading

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Windows Home Server 2011 Product Pages

Update 13 January 2012: Well, it’s taken Microsoft over six months to do it, but it looks as though they now have a new set of Product Pages. They are very much simplified (perhaps too much so), but at least … Continue reading

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The Lace Anniversary

Last Sunday, the 12th June, we celebrated our 13th (Lace) Wedding Anniversary. Our combined ages are now 120 years, we’ve been together for (almost) 30 years, and this is our fifth year of living in our farmhouse, De Witte Wand. … Continue reading

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