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Hand Shadows

And to remove the sour taste of the last book, here’s something a little more innocent – the online version of Henry Bursill’s Hand Shadows, first published in 1858.

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I’ve mentioned the Online Books Page before. Then, it was in the context of a Lucky Dip – you never quite knew what you were going to come up with. Well, of course, sometimes you reach in and pull out … Continue reading

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Beware The Path…

Henry Lizardlover must take care. He walks the same path that Louis Wain has trod. That way lies madness. In the meantime, the rest of us can go WTF?   (hat tip, again, to Improbable Research)

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Nothing New Under The Sun…

Michael Jackson, eat your heart out…   (hat tip to Improbable Research)

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Late Summer

We’re on the point of tumbling into Autumn. The garden still has plenty of flowers, but this week the field of maize next to the house was cleared, and leaves are beginning to fall…      

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Triple Sunrise

A striking photo illustrating the natural phenomena of sundogs and a sun pillar.   (hat tip to Neatorama)

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The Blaschka Conference

I’ve mentioned the amazing glass models of the father and son team of Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka before. Apparently, today is the start of the first-ever international conference devoted to their work. I’m glad to see that there is growing … Continue reading

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