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Hand Shadows

And to remove the sour taste of the last book, here’s something a little more innocent – the online version of Henry Bursill’s Hand Shadows, first published in 1858.

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I’ve mentioned the Online Books Page before. Then, it was in the context of a Lucky Dip – you never quite knew what you were going to come up with. Well, of course, sometimes you reach in and pull out … Continue reading

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Beware The Path…

Henry Lizardlover must take care. He walks the same path that Louis Wain has trod. That way lies madness. In the meantime, the rest of us can go WTF?   (hat tip, again, to Improbable Research)

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Nothing New Under The Sun…

Michael Jackson, eat your heart out…   (hat tip to Improbable Research)

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Late Summer

We’re on the point of tumbling into Autumn. The garden still has plenty of flowers, but this week the field of maize next to the house was cleared, and leaves are beginning to fall…      

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Triple Sunrise

A striking photo illustrating the natural phenomena of sundogs and a sun pillar.   (hat tip to Neatorama)

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The Blaschka Conference

I’ve mentioned the amazing glass models of the father and son team of Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka before. Apparently, today is the start of the first-ever international conference devoted to their work. I’m glad to see that there is growing … Continue reading

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Touchy Feely

Sometimes, my old cynical heart gets touched by simple things, like Free Hugs.   (hat tip, once again, to Houtlust)

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Not Worth It

A nicely done website campaigning for safety awareness in the workplace.   (hat tip to Houtlust)

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Idle Words submits the evidence that, next to governments and religions, airline checkins are one of the great bastions of illogical thinking.

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No Free Passes

This man Keith Olbermann is a magnificent orator speaking words of truth. Pity that his fellow countrymen seem incapable of waking up to it.

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Evolutionary Design

Interesting little video about the use of computers to provide evolutionary design alternatives in, for example, drug design or civil engineering.

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Undertaking Betty

I’d not heard of this film before, but it looks to be the sort of offbeat humour that appeals to me, and with a good cast (Brenda Blethyn, Alfred Molina and Christopher Walken). It appears to be a little difficult … Continue reading

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How Logical Are You?

You Are Incredibly Logical Move over Spock – you’re the new master of logicYou think rationally, clearly, and quickly.A seasoned problem solver, your mind is like a computer! How Logical Are You?  (hat tip to Terrance)

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Still Here…

Alex, over at the Museum of Hoaxes, wonders whether the Netherlands has disappeared as a result of a nuclear explosion. I am glad to report that we’re all still here…

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…that’s this photo of David Birch – a most unusual Carnival Queen. Good luck to him. Also, there’s this rather nice story in The Guardian about it.

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Putting The Boot In

Sometimes, I think that Mr. Duck can be unnecessarily cruel. My imagination is working overtime about the fallout from this one.

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Fun With Figures

Not Saussure reminds us that statistics have a habit of turning around and biting those who wield them.

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The barmaid’s got intelligence, unlike her customers…

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Cautious Cars And Cantankerous Kitchens

Donald Norman has posted the draft first chapter of a new book on his web site. It’s about how machines take control, and why this can lead to unintended results. Worth reading.

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